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Final goodbye to Inj 2

B. Shazzy

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With MK11 on the horizon, I’d like to play out, Injustice 2: Every footsie defines you, with what is, in my expert opinion, the cleanest display of neutral and spacing nrs players will ever see.

Trust me: As a Street Fighter god myself, I come down from the highest level of the FGC heavens to bestow upon you lowly nrs players an inspirational match between @EGP Wonder_Chef [email protected] shazzy, best Street Fighter player.

A little backstory for you 19ers:
Legend has it that this was the match that retired Chef into his status as only a commentator in this community. Shazzy, in his infinite mercy, promised to never compete in an nrs game so that he would never expose an nrs player that bad again. Fearing the nrs community wasnt ready for such level of a play, Shazzy hid the footage away ...until now.

Over time the name “Shazzy” just became a scary story top players in this community would only dare whisper. May you nrs players study it for ages in hopes of climbing to his level one day. Shazzy bless

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hehe, you got me. I was waiting for WoWo to do something amazing... never happened.

Pretty sums up why i gave up on it and went back to MKX.
Not really fair to say this match "sums up" the whole game. It's a complex, brilliant game in most respects--between two people who actually want to play it (not... whatever you'd call this match).

But yeah, it's tainted by a few mechanics that are easily abused, and that's all anyone remembers. Of all of them, I most hope armored b3 and f3 never, ever, ever makes a return.


Let’s see whose fire burns hotter
Inj2 Zoning defines you
P.S. I’m really afraid of Kano’s magnetic knives. Steve said Kano was an unsafe character. How can you punish that unless you have a teleport? Roll maybe?
Cassies damage over time sphere will be abused by Sonicfox for sure