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Fighting EX Layer


the salt shaker
i bought it played it once, started playing injustice. i plan on getting back into it i just got other games that need me first lol
i would love to play that game but there are only 3 people online on average. game is deader than mvci but still got dlc.


FGC Cannon Fodder
In case someone didn't know and cares (a tough 1,2 combo) the game now has rollback netcode. I've got all of 3 players worth of testing done, but it seems to be what you want out of it.

The last guy had a seriously unstable connection with swings from 60-150ms pings from when I was looking. You could feel it because it was really bad, but I also feel like the game did a really good job covering up a large amount of the instability up.

For anyone that hasn't played it, it's an interesting game. Characters are often unconventional (visual design wise), the system is retro and fairly strait forward. If you want to play a game where you can basically forget about frame data, and just instinct your way to W-Town then it's worth looking into. It's probably not a game you buy at full price, but put it on your sales radar and think about it. I think it makes a good pocket game. You don't have to memorize a lot of frame data or moves to play. You basically learn how things work, and throw down.

That's how I'm seeing the game at this point. IDK if it gets all meta at high level or not.

Anyway, think about it peeps.