[Feb 25, 2012] Mortal Kombat 9 1v1 PS3 and Xbox 360 (Loudonville, OH)

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Mortal Kombat 9 1v1 PS3 and Xbox 360
Start Date: Feb 25, 2012 03:00 PM
End Date: Feb 25, 2012 09:00 PM
Time Zone: America/New_York -05:00 EST

Loudonville Youth Center
222 North Union St
Loudonville, OH, 44842

Posted By: ftwgaming

Confirmed Attendees: 2
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  1. ftwgaming

    ftwgaming Noob

    One Player versus One Player (1v1)

    PlayStation 3
    Xbox 360

    Bring your own controller, or arcade stick.

    Game Settings
    Versus Mode
    One versus One
    90 Second Timer
    Two out of Three Rounds (2/3)

    Match Settings
    Players must win two out of three Games to win the match (2/3)
    The winner of each game must keep his same character and costume
    The loser of each game may change his characters

    Final Match Settings (Winners Finals, Losers Finals, Finals/Grand Finals)
    Players must win three out of five Games to win the Match (3/5)
    All other Match Settings remain the same

    Kratos is banned and not allowed in tournament play

    Banned Stage: Hell
    Banned Stage: Kratos stage
    If the players cannot agree on a stage a tournament manager will choose one at random

    For any colorblind players, we will use The Courtyard (Day) stage

    Special Rules
    Player 1 must use Controller Preset 1 for button configurations
    Player 2 must use Controller Preset 2 for button configurations
    All Block infinites or gameplay-breaking glitches are banned
    No game altering Kombat Kodes. IE Dream Kombat, Dark Kombat or Jumping Disabled, etc.

    NOTE* There will be separate brackets, and therefore separate prizes and entrant counts for each console.
    Less than 20 entrants:
    1st Place – 65% of Singles Admission
    2nd Place – 35% of Singles Admission
    3rd Place – Free entry to a future tournament

    More than 20 but less than 50 entrants:
    1st Place 60% of Singles Admission
    2nd Place 30%
    3rd Place 10%

    More than 50 entrants:
    1st Place 50% of Singles Admission
    2nd Place 25%
    3rd Place 15%
    4th Place 10%
    5th Place 5%

    If there are between 20 and 50 players and a majority of the players vote to change the prize break up to the payouts for more than 50 entrants, we may change it to that. Otherwise the default is what we will use.

    If you hadn't figured this out by now, the more people that enter, the higher amount of money you have a chance of winning at the end. So do us, and yourself, a favor and tell everyone you know about this. Share it on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Google+

    We will attempt to supply any of the following, while the supplies last:
    - Pepsi
    - Dr Pepper
    - Mountain Dew
    - Free Water

    Also located near the Youth Center:
    Pizza Hut
    China Wok
    Trail's End Pizza
    Yes, you are allowed to bring outside food and drink into the Youth Center. Just dispose of it!

    The tournament entry fees are as follows:
    $10 per person - tournament fee - 100% of this goes to the winning pot.
    $5 per person - venue fee - this is used to pay for the expenses of the tournament, such as renting a nice place to hold the tournaments, renting/buying equipment needed to play, buying ink/paper for all of the flyers/registration forms these things require. None of the staff working the tournaments get paid. We aren't trying to take your money, we just want to provide something fun for you to all come do.

    If you bring a setup for us to use (and we actually use it) we will waive the venue fee.
    Setup can include any of the following groups of items:

    1. HDMI capable Xbox 360, with the game, preferably with DLC characters Rain, and Kenshi. (Skarlet and Freddy not required as they are banned.)
    2. Playstation 3, with the game, preferably with DLC characters Rain and Kenshi. (In addition to the two listed above, Kratos is not necessary.)
    3. High Def display with HDMI input and HDMI cable, preferably near 23" to keep them all similar, but since these won't need system links any high def display will be accepted.

    Unfortunately, you will not get any additional money off if you bring more than one of the previous listed, however we will be grateful!

    Bonus Prizes:
    We will be keeping track of how many finishing moves you do and there will be a small bonus prize at the end for the winner or winners. This will be kept track of using a point system. A normal fatality is worth 1 point, a babality is worth 2 points, and a stage fatality is worth 2 points. The bonus is for people who know these moves and execute them without looking them up.
  2. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

  3. ftwgaming

    ftwgaming Noob

    noted, I'll look into that and probably make some changes. Thanks for the info
  4. ftwgaming

    ftwgaming Noob

    so, I'm understanding that no characters are banned except Kratos now?
  5. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    yup. All characters & costumes are good to go. Only Kratos is banned, but thats obviously only for PS3 tourrneys. Then those stages.

    How far is Loudonville from C-Bus?
  6. ftwgaming

    ftwgaming Noob

    What about Wasteland stage? I read about a JK bug where a JK won't happen at certain heights?

    Other than that, I updated my post with the rules you suggested. Thanks.

    Loudonville is about an hour and a half north of Columbus. We've got others coming from there so if you're interested maybe we can set up a car pool.
  7. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Still looking into the Wasteland bug, but as of now, its good. And that block infinite-glitch combo stuff isnt anything to worry about.

    I dont even play MK9 at this point, but i run most MK9 tourneys in Ohio, the Big 3 C's: Columbus, Cincinnati & Cleveland. I got 2 full ASUS/Ps3 setups, with all my cords, all DLC etc etc etc. So if i can make it, i'd love to run/help.
  8. ftwgaming

    ftwgaming Noob

    That would be amazing! We would welcome any help. ;)
  9. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    cant promise anything yet, so i'll let you know asap :)
  10. ftwgaming

    ftwgaming Noob

    bump! we've got people coming from as far as Connecticut (who happens to be in the top 70 on PSN) for this thing, so don't think that just because we're small town we don't have a good time. ;)
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  11. ftwgaming

    ftwgaming Noob

    so there's no north central Ohio MK players? I find that hard to believe.. Where you at?
  12. Tim you coming out to this? I'm flying into cbus that day and heading up to the tourney before going down to cincy for vacation.
  13. ftwgaming

    ftwgaming Noob

  14. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Most likely yes. about 70% sure as of right now.
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  15. I considered going to this, but it's on the 25th and I will be in Chicago that day.
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  16. ftwgaming

    ftwgaming Noob

    bump... only a few days left... not a lot of people pressed attending... you must either be busy in Chicago like ArsenalOfGlory... or you didn't want to get beat at Mortal Kombat in a small Ohio town. ;)
  17. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    just found out i cant make it. something came up, and i cant get around this. im sorry. :(
  18. See you there tomorrow!

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