'Fan-Made' Custom Mortal Kombat in HD, Scorpion vs Sub-Zero w/ Fatality

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat Classics' started by Tom Brady, Dec 16, 2012.

By Tom Brady on Dec 16, 2012 at 11:26 AM
  1. A project that is being "unofficially" made by fans is sure to catch your eye. Over on the TRMK forums you may recall at one point seeing stages of work being done on what was cancelled "officially"; the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection is "HD". Well, by using the MUGEN software severl community members have been showcasing their 'work in progress'. One of their most recent video uploads of this progress features an MKI fight between Sub-Zero and Scorpion... and there's even a Fatality!

    This is something I actually want to play when its finished. Even the fatal is done well lol


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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat Classics' started by Tom Brady, Dec 16, 2012.

    1. PND_Ketchup
    2. Gesture Required Ahead
      Gesture Required Ahead
      This is what MKAK should've been.
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    3. Hitoshura
      wow im loving this
    4. Victor Guapo
      Victor Guapo
      im expecting a MK10 with that real type of human graphic in HD
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    5. Darth Mao
    6. Cibernetico
      Still very impressive work from the first day I've seen it. And to think these guys aren't being paid but instead doing it on their own free time because they are big time MK fans. hopefully we will see a finished version some day because we all know how hard it is for projects like these to ever make it to the end.

      Also, cool to see someone actually using the MUGEN engine to do something cool instead of yet another fireworks show. Didn't even know that engine was capable of graphics like these.
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    7. KombatNerd
      This is very amazing and much truer to the original MK than some things in MK9.
      Also, Dat Goro's Lair.
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    8. Gh0sty
      This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

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    9. Noble Raptor
      Noble Raptor
      I kind of want to get this even though I haven't really played much of the older MK games. This reminds me of the other MK mugen game I have which is basically a remake of MK9 but not really lol.
    10. Bleed
      Thanks for posting our work again, it's a trip to see it on here :)

      Some answers:

      I haven't made changes to the UI because I'm still focusing on the characters, that's what I really love to do. Aside from the characters, most of the stuff on screen is mugen default.

      The gravity is different on mine because I'm not trying to copy MK's code precisely. Interloko is doing that with his build, also coding the UI and Stages. I code more by feel, making adjustments to have certain combos work, and to fix different situations like the player going off screen. My version has the characters scaled up to match standard mugen characters.

      Like I've done with previous characters in mugen, I'll end up giving all these different moves. I like the realistic fighting styles better. It's something that used to bother me about MK, I remember playing Tekken Tag, next to MK4 and wishing MK's fighting styles were more realistic and unique. So I don't try to copy MK's play style completely. I'll create the general feel, but I have my own ideas to play around with.

      We are using mugen, because it's the limit to our programming ability. I'm learning C++ now, so maybe I'll be able to work on a better engine. For now, mugen is what I know best.

      It is a lot of work, but it doesn't register as such, we love MK and it's a joy to work on this.
    11. Illmatix
      if you have ermac i would scream like a lil girl....
    12. Vito DeVito
      Vito DeVito
      Looks amazing. Shout outs to interloko and the boys. I like the subtle updates to the engine. It needs it!
    13. TargetAudience
      Amazing work guys keep it up.
    14. King Roosta
      King Roosta
      This game is what Death Cargo wishes it was.
    15. gdf
      This is pretty tight.

      On the subject of 3D MK's "Round 1 Fight" Deception actually had a pretty good one.
    17. Prinz
      KO and trades? Preposterous!
    18. GLoRToR
      Let's hope the game will be remotely fair.
    19. Vagrant
      This is fucking amazing. Hella props for this. Thanks for the share Brady
    20. spitefulsnake
      NRS should hire these guys
    21. The_SNKE
      This was cool. But I still think MK Outworld is the best MK fan project out there. You guys should really check it out. Tom Brady you'll like this too...

      This one has some really interesting Sub-Zero combos. I highly recommend watching the rest of his videos too, it looks like he's putting a crapload of time into this

    22. Victor Guapo
      Victor Guapo
      im completely agree !!! they should join NRS ..
    23. C-Sword
      This here is just amazing

    24. Komatose
      That looks pretty damn awesome imo.
    25. OutworldKeith

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