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F3xxStepping it back tech (New Era)


F3xxStepping it Back allows for a f2 follow up in the corner. This opens up a bunch of possibilities.

SB = Stepping it back (ddR1 in ps4 or ddRB in xbox)
jbd2 = Jump back, body splash
FB = Fatal Blow

f3xxSB f212 4xxbf1MB d2 d2 jbd2 f32 373.64 (for oki)

f3xxSB f212 4xxbf1MB d2 d2 jbd2 4xxbf2 394.91 (for damage)

You can also follow up f3xxSB with another f3

f3xxSB f3xxSB f21db1b 245.19 unbreakable
f3xxSB f3xxSB f21FB 421.93 unbreakable
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