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EVO 2019 Results and Breakdown

EVO2019 is almost finished, but it's totally done for the NRS scene. From over 1000 entrants down to a final 8, tonight is the night we crown the reigning champ (until next EVO/MK Pro Tour Finals). And if you didn't feel like staying up until 2 AM to see who won, we've got you covered.

Our Top 8 going into this:


Echofox SonicFox vs. UYU Deoxys
PXP AF0xyGrampa vs. bc Dragon

NASR Tekken Master vs. PG Hayatei
Noble Semiij vs. PG Tweedy

Results in the spoiler below, otherwise chat away!
Kicking things off, Sonic and his Cassie went in for a quick game 1 win over Deoxys' Geras. Another quick win in game 2 sent Deoxys over to the character select screen, but he decided to stick things out with the sand-man of Mortal Kombat land. It ended up being the right move for him, he finally found his groove and got a game on the board. Our last game was a close one, but Deoxys gambled on a fatal blow that didn't work out and Sonic Fox won the set 3-1.

Next up, F0xy busted out the latest addition to the MK cast, Shang Tsung, against Dragon's godlike Cetrion. In the first victory of what was poised to be a drawn out zoning war went to Dragon. F0xy clapped back with a game 2 win, matching Dragon better blow for blow and finding his way on top of the projectile trades. Dragon made some adjustments of his own to clinch out a game 3 win after F0xy whiffed a string in the final round. Game 4 came down to another whiffed normal, with Dragon taking the win 3-1 and advancing to Winner's Finals against Sonic.

Now over to Loser's, we had the lone Canadian Hayatei up against the Middle East's champion, Tekken Master. In a back and forth battle, TM's Geras took the win over Hayatei's Erron Black. In a near repeat of the previous game, Hayatei came out on top in the next game and Tekken Master came right back with another win himself. From that point, Hayatei put up a solid fight, but Tekken Master took the final win and the set 3-1.


Next up, former teammates Semiij and Tweedy played, using current teammates Cassie and Jacqui. Semiij had the round 1 win in the bag, but he dropped his final fatal blow combo and Tweedy was able to punish it for the first win. The loss sent Semiij over to the character select screen, where he decided to challenge Tweedy in the Jacqui mirror. Once again, it came down to a final fatal blow combo from Semiij, but he didn't drop it this time around and got his first point. Tweedy then swapped characters himself over to Baraka. Baraka Flocka Flame and Tweedy came out the winner for the next game, where Semiij then went back to Cassie in the closing part of a counterpick war. Semiij came out the next winner with a near perfect in the final round. Now 2-2, Tweedy hedged his bets on Jacqui to try and save his tournament life. The final match was almost a repeat of game 1, but with Tweedy dropping the final combo. Fortunately for him, he had enough meter for a breakaway and was able to save his tournament life and advanced on 3-2.

Coming back from a lengthy break, we had the next round in Loser's, with Tekken Master playing F0xy. TM stuck with Geras, while F0xy switched it up with Cassie. A game 1 win from F0xy had TM taking his time on the character select screen, eventually deciding on an Erron Black swap. A game 2 win from TM had F0xy not taking his time on the character select screen, near immediately deciding on a Shang Tsung swap. Game 3 was close, but TM clinched it out with a fatal blow. F0xy decided to stick it out with Shang, who got him the game 4 victory. TM, however, went right back to Geras for the final game of the set. It was the right decision for him, another close game went in favor of Tekken Master, who took the set 3-2.

Our final game in Loser's Quarterfinals was Tweedy's Jacqui against Deoxys and his Geras. The two went game for game, with Deoxys going up game 1 and Tweedy game 2. Deoxys hit back for another 2 wins, taking the set 3-1 and knocking Tweedy out of the bracket.


Now in Winner's Finals, Sonic and Dragon had their CEO runback with Cassie Cage and Cetrion up for game 1. Sonic hit Dragon with 4 throws in a row in round 1 and took the 2nd with a fatal blow victory for game 1. Dragon seemed to get a handle of things for the next game, but Sonic still came out the winner. Dragon slowed him down and got a win in game 3, carrying that momentum into game 4 for a strong performance that resulted in a win (helped by either an input error or a terrible decision with an interactable from Sonic). Dragon made a godlike decision in game 5 that had him in good standing to win things, but Sonic Fox took it in the end, advancing to Grand Finals 3-2.

Back to Loser's, Deoxys was playing Geras against Tekken Master's surprise Kung Lao pick. The pick did not go well, Deoxys took the win in a fairly dominant fashion by taking advantage of z-hat's start up and Geras' damage. TM decided to go with the Geras mirror after the loss, which got him a game 2 and game 3 win. Deoxys took a breather at the character select screen, and he took his Geras to one more game 5. Tekken Master was victorious in the end, winning 3-2 and moving on to fight Dragon.


Which takes us to the next game, coming after another break. Dragon's Cetrion against Tekken Master's Geras was that match. Dragon took game 1 in the same fashion he normally does. TM started to get him figured out in the next game, but a fatal blow combo for 480 secured another win for Dragon. Game 3 went to TM, who saved his tournament life with a flash parry in the final round. Game 4 was almost Dragon's after a crucial drop from TM, but he can back in the final round for another win. In the end, somebody had to win and Dragon was that somebody, taking the set 3-2 and getting his runback against Sonic in Grand Finals.

Just repeating their set from earlier, it was Cassie vs Cetrion in Grand Finals. Sonic took game 1 with the first brutality of the night. He followed that up with a game 2 win, though Dragon was able to get a round on the board. Game 3, Dragon took the first round with a time out, making good use of the delayed wakeup to not even give Sonic a chance to catch up the life lead. In the end, Sonic Fox took the final game, winning the set 3-0 and the title of EVO2019 champion with it.



Finally all Cage bullshiters, i'm sorry, upplayers, i'm sorry, useless people, i'm sorry, clueless sorry excuse for a fighting game player people, finally got their mouth shut at Evo.

Now I can just sit back and relax.
i really enjoyed all the matches from round 2 on. next year instead of showing the first round of pools they should just add a second stream for top 16 losers. we missed so many great matches on that side of the bracket. zackrob, DJT, getrekt, rewind, beyondtoxin, kombat, dizzytt. i would have liked to have seen those matches.
It felt like they were trying to 1 up each other Aquaman started yelling then Ultradavid did too for no real hype reason. It felt really underwhelming.
To be honest, I feel the same way. Nothing against UD or AM (they are truly awesome), but they don't seem like a team, rather just 2 commentators who were assigned to do MK. I know both of them know the game, but UD pretending to be hype is lame, and AM just yelling doesn't sell hype.

I feel as though there are better commentators who can sell what is being shown.
Really great tournament. The top 8 matches was hype and all the matches, except for the GF was very close ones.
Really like what i see in the EVO2019, not only in MK11, but the other FG as well.
Kinda feel bad for Dragon but SonicFox is just the better player from the two. If Dragon want to change this, he have a lot of works to do.
The only thing i missed was the ninjakilla.
And as far as characters diversity. There was plenty of that in the previous tournament. But i don`t care much of that, what i care is the quality of the matches and top 8 really not disappoint me in that.