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Everyone wants balance patch's by why isn't this in the game?


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So, if you know DBZ and main Kano, does it mean that when you power up, you go Kano-Ken?

(yes, I'm a shameless DBZ superfan since high school, what of it? Also, next KOTH, you owe me a Fatality for the shitty pun)
I don't know, that red aura is weak, I'd rather have the super Saiyan God aura.

DBZ was the only thing I watched as a kid, my friends and I would have drawing contests XD


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Easy Kbs are ok but they should expire after use until reset, practice a combo a hit the same KB multiple times is so stupid lol

Also fix D2 KB, it shouldn't be triggered in middle combo
Maybe they can add Realistic Easy KB's as an option. Don't take away the Easy KB's cuz its fun to D2 80 times in a row lol each hit is like 0.02% after a while.


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You try having to downplay your character in every single TYM thread, it’s exhausting.
V never downplayed Cassie to my knowledge. I clearly remember her saying Cassie was Top 3 in every thread when others where saying she was low Mid.
I have said I think her buttons are not that OP she uses Staggers and number of hit mix to open up characters unlike some characters (Geras, Sonya, Sub, Scorpion, Jacqui, Jax)

Cassie isn't my favorite by any means, she has tools for everything but she does have drawbacks. I don't like her Fatal Blow, I think its kinda dumb and her combos are hard online imo.