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EVERY Semi Invincible & Fully Invincible Wakeup In Injustice 2


Thanksgiving corner game, going ham and stuffing
are there any vids of someone meatying the 11th frame?
Once I get back from vacation, I'll post showing Scarecrow stuffing it with the active frames of gas blast. It's possible (if not consistent) after schizophrenia.


gotta take it to make it
Holy crap, that doesn't look like it should work. How does that work? Witchcraft.
Took the idea from my SF4 days with frame killing and did some math before attempting it. Both of those are 11 frame mids, dash is some amount of frames lul, tap forward after dash is like 1 frame, then that hard knockdown is +25, and boom it worked! Magician beat Deadshot's wakeup with Flash d12 too actually:

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Correct me if I'm wrong but I noticed at around 13:55 the wakeup you tested for Robin might have the wrong input listed. You list it as DB2, but it looks as though you're testing BF3. I havent finished watching yet, but did you test Robins DB2? My experience tells me its a pretty reliable wakeup for him, but I havent tested it extensively myself.

Plus, I think you have some wakeup options missing in this video. But nonetheless outstanding work!


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If anyone have the full list of wakeups updated to the turtles I would appreciate it. If not... lab time????