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Question Ermac the GL of MK???

Brandon Fisher

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Ok just posted in the IGAU forums about my boy GL since im getting back into the game. Also thinking of getting back into MK too. Well less thinkin, more like I am. And its been years since I played the game. And i never played it competively except from the online matches. But anyways Ermac is like GL in some ways, and I wanna know what do you guys think of the comparison?


raven and ermac are similar. green latern is only in terms of the lift.

raven ( no trait) is ermac. they kind of need to play the same type of game.
raven ( with trait) is more like kenshi in the fact that she plays a pillar game. she utilizes a zoning game with frame traps using specials similar to kenshi

i main ermac, and i prefer raven then gl
i know the GL oki i just wanna find the perfect translation from him to someone in MK.
you will have to play injustice with a different mindset:

MK = chip damage
Injustice = 50/50's

Like coolwhip said in mk the best way to end a combo is to leave them standing in a stunned state, so you can chip them or continue whatever pressure.

In injustice you have a lot of safe 50/50's that lead into full combo, so chip damage is not that good if you compare it to a safe 50/50.

Raven really is your best bet, she is one of the only good characters that is really about chip.


i know the GL oki i just wanna find the perfect translation from him to someone in MK.
There is no "perfect" translation really, because the games are so different. You can compare the characters, but there is not really a true equal to GL in MK. In terms of the lift, Ermac and GL are a lot alike, but besides that, they do not have much in common. I would say Raven is more like Ermac than anyone else, but even then, they have a lot of differences. I would say Kenshi is a bit like GL in a few ways too.


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I get a little confused when people compare MK characters to Injustice characters. While some specials seem similar, most play drastically different. Scorpion does feel a bit like Scorpion though...


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IMO the similarities end with them both having a similar looking "lift" move. GL wants to be in that footsie range where his best move (b1) is a threat, ermac generally wants to be at a much further range where he can get force push at max distance. Ermac is much cooler and Ermac could beat up GL, even squirrel GL. That is all.

RM Truth

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Green Lantern relies on dominating the game with his footsies and vortex. Vortexes weren't really super big in MK, but for dominant footsies, you're probably looking at maybe Sonya or Kitana. Sonya's D4=GL's B1.