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Ermac in MK1 Squash Thread

So, Ermac is confirmed a fake then. Damn. I actually kind of hoped he was real.

When I was younger, I did believe that Ermac was there, though I never searched for him. In later years, my suspicions grew, and I decided that it was theoretically possible, but never actually happened.

Was that faked photo sent to EGM or MADE by them? Because EGM has been notorious for faking photos over the years.

I remember when someone sent a video game magazine (maybe EGM?) a list of things that you have to do in order to fight Hornbuckle in MKII. It was ridiculous and vague, and made no sense at all. I actually tried it. :oops: One's born every minute...


Infinite Meter Kombos
In the old days, the rumour was that you had to get Double Flawless and Fatality on an opponent in the middle of the circle on the Warrior Shrine arena to fight Ermac.