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Question Ermac have a disadvantage in the air?


First hi everybody Im new in this forum and I'm learning a lot from you guys you know very well this punishment machine called Ermac...

But I have a little problem with this guy... in other fighting games some characters have advantage in some generic moves I mean I dont know if Scorpion (for example) have more potential to win in the air (you know if the 2 characters jump at the same time and pres kick at the same time maybe Scorpion was developed to win the kick over Ermac because is 1 frame more fast than Ermac´s kick or something like that) or all the characters have the same skills for this generic moves, in this game always one win never the 2 characters recive demage like other fighting games... I need know this to know if is good idea jump when I am fighting vs Scorpion or is best idea stay on de ground or I´m doing something wrog...

I hope you understand my question I still learning english...


No, all generic jump moves are the same frame data. You're likely pressing the button later if you're getting beat or your jump kick missed and they countered with their own.


Scorpion's jump in punch actually has greater priority in the air because he reaches out further or something.


You will BOW to me!
Ermac's jip has a very good hit box in general. His air to air game is probably the best in the game along with Scorpion's in terms of damage.