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Ermac aaRH combos

I've been quite good at landing aaRH to teleport punch lp spear/TKS with the male ninjas for some time now, but with ermac I don't have that great of a combo that I use when I land it.

I find when I do the aarh teleport punch TKS after the TKS I do aahphp hp force ball.(I usually leave out the lp before TKS as I find I land more consistently this way) This combo comes out to like 42% I believe. That's barely better than what I get with scorpion, which ain't right!

What are other options after the TKS? Which do you think would be the best to use most of the time due to ease of use and damage gained? I'm sure there's many other things you can do here but I just haven't come up with anything else myself yet.

42% off a roundhouse is still nice to get but I know I could do better if I had an idea of what else to do. Any tips would be appreciated, maybe a video or something? Thanks


you can do another rh, tlp and etc still, after rhs tlp tks for 51 -53 (not counting the slam damage), or jk teleport punch hk, also u should do a punch after first teleport punch and before the next tks.