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Enchantress Setups and Shenanigans with Gunshow and Killtron


Confused Thanagarian

Gunshow has taken a break from his Firestorm play to give us a really hype Enchantress set against Killtron. Struggle against Black Adam? Not sure how to apply your Enchantress tech in a live match? Looking for ways to use her trait's guard to get stuff done? Then this is the video for you!

Gunshow had some stuff to show off, and dear lord, does Enchantress have some dirt. I know I'm stealing some of this background bounce stuff, and that wasn't even five minutes in. You might not necessarily learn anything new from this, but this set shows that using the trait guard into a fully charged 23 might be doable from anywhere. If you already knew all this, watch it anyway. Though it didn't appear to be a serious FT10, the two players certainly weren't holding anything back. If you liked what you saw, follow Killtron over on Twitter and catch more from Gunshow on his Youtube and Twitter as it happens.