Enchantress is designed to be a counter-zoner

Discussion in 'Enchantress' started by Peckapowa, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Peckapowa

    Peckapowa Noob

    yet her worst matchup is doctor fate.
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  2. Sazbak

    Sazbak Noob

    I thought it's WoWo. How come Fate beats her so hard?
  3. The_Tile

    The_Tile Just a sip, and an overhead, and a low, yeah.

    Yeah Fate doesn't seem too bad to me from the few games I've played against him. She can stall full screen with reflects until she gets the curse that stops him using specials and then he's absolutely fucked if you maintain it
  4. Peckapowa

    Peckapowa Noob

    fate can outtrade easily with ankhs or just sit in heal and teabag
    he can throw projectiles on reaciton to bf3 and regardless ankhs outpace her, so she's forced to go after him, he can just walk backwards and rely on his superior footsies and wall of an anti-air normal and sit behind orb. once she's realized she can't sit full screen he starts zoning her out.

    he pretty much gets to play his game without much contest. also red ankhs kind of fuck with her.
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  5. Peckapowa

    Peckapowa Noob

    thats her best thing but thats shits slow to maintain
  6. The_Tile

    The_Tile Just a sip, and an overhead, and a low, yeah.

    Yeah the ankhs can be a bit tricky, but all you have to do is stall for a bit at full screen and throw out curses at the right time. Heck, I had a fate just throwing non-stop anks at me at one point cause I was reflecting all the fireballs. I just kept cursing until I got the one which stops specials and he was fucked.

    Admittedly it does leave it to chance but as soon as you get that he's fucked. He can't zone at all so you can just spam curse until he comes in and because he can't cancel into glyph F2 is always unsafe. The only option he has when he's cursed like that is MBF3 which can be easily baited with your own.

    Healing spell might actually give her trouble though, I didn't think of that. Healing spell + ankhs might force Enchantress to try and close space. Her buttons are godlike though so that's not exactly the end of the world
  7. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    She's not really a counter zoner imo. She just has counter zoning elements.

    Your goal shouldn't be to just sit fullscreen. Maybe if you have a huge life lead but otherwise nah. She's not going to kill characters with 3% hexes that are backdashable and reflect. Use these moves to get in.

    Fate is just really fucked up atm. He's a zoner but he's also a footsie monster and no slouch up close. He might beat Enchantress just because of how strong he is in general, but it's not because she can't counter zone him to death.
  8. Parasurama

    Parasurama Dragon

    Re:Fate... Why can't she just reflect his projectiles and curse all day? Does ankh really negate that game? When he can do specials-continue hexes?
  9. MadPropz101

    MadPropz101 "I still got it...but not much of it"

    Ivy is worse
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  10. thlityoursloat

    thlityoursloat but you didn't have to cut me off!

    Black Adam tho
  11. Mr.EditUndo

    Mr.EditUndo Meterburn the Meterburn

    I was relying on her countering fate, but the good Dr completely destroys her. maybe its cannon???
  12. IrishMantis

    IrishMantis Most humble shit talker ever!!!
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    Selfishly I'm just happy if she goes 5-5 with SG

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