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Ed Boon Teases Thunder Skin for Xbox Players

If you bought an Xbone way back in 2013, you probably owned Killer Instinct. One of the first exclusives for the new consoles, it's held a place in the FGC with a passionate community keeping the game alive to this day. Thunder is that franchise's Native American representative of the cast, a big guy who hits stuff with axes.


If that sounds familiar, yes, he does resemble Mortal Kombat's Nightwolf in that regard. So much so that Boon put out a Tweet throwing out the possibility of an Xbone exclusive skin for Nightwolf when he comes out. And before anyone yells at me about this not meaning anything, both Phil Spencer and the Killer Instinct Twitter page replied saying they'd want that to happen. Knowing what I know about trendy company advertising in 2019, this screams of "this is happening but we want to tease it to fans in a coy way". So yeah. I believe KI is still free to play with a random character, so if you want to scope out the latest release and have either an Xbone or a decent computer, go download it.


Thunder and Nightwolf are so similar too! It would be awesome to see that skin for Nightwolf..I wonder if they would make a skin exclusive for xbox tho!?
One of Nightwolf's fatalities in mk3 included lightning, I see now they've been teasing Thunder skin for 20 years.
MKvKI when??

Seriously though that'd be cool, i play on Ps4 but i like the idea of console exclusive bonuses.

Kratos skin for Kotal Kahn WHEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
NW isn't scrawny he's pretty built, he's just not an roided over the top fighting character lol. Besides we all know


But this is cool. I wonder if Switch and PS4 will get exclusive skins too.
That Thunder skin is gonna look awkward on scrawny ass Nightwolf. Man is gonna look like a cosplayer for the competition. Boy is a traitor lol
We don't know what Nightwolf looks like yet, though. He might have been on a few cycles of steroids since we last saw him. Maybe he even got a membership at the Tartakan Gym. Look at how swole Baraka got.