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Easy infinite


Hi, I noticed that Human Smoke has very easy to perform infinite:

spear, HK, d+LP, d+HP, teleport, HK, d+LP, d+HP, teleport, spear ... and so on. It can be of course ended with HK, d+LP, d+HP, aaHP, spear, HK, d+LP, d+HP, jp, teleport

But I have never seen it on any match with good players. Is it so because it's considered lame or maybe experienced players know how to deal with it?


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I need to see a video of this because I don't think you're describing it correctly, as it sounds like a controversial infinite Smoke has been rumored to have. There was a long debated infinite where if you break his 3 hit pop up combo by one frame after the knee lift, supposedly it was still unblockable and caused a full reset. This is apparently not the case, even though many players have claimed to be unable to block mid combo. Regardless, it has been thoroughly tested and is not an infinite.



I was able to perform it on master CPU opponents, but I presume that player could block this easily, right?

Sorry for the messed up colors, recording function in MAME captured it so.
Any player that's worth their salt (IMO) holds away and block while they're being combo'd for this exact reason. Maybe Down/Away and Block, jamming on High punch in case that fabled block uppercut comes out, but at least block because it IS blockable. Try this on the CPU after the 2nd or 3rd opponent depending on difficulty, and you'll get thrown.