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D'Vorah Arcade Ending [Spoilers]

This One is interested in only one thing. Protecting the Hive. Her motivations are limited and she'll pick whoever she thinks will provide her with the best chance of protecting her bug friends. Initially it's Shao Khan and then later it's Kronika. Because ofcourse Kronika promises her a Hive protected world in the new era. D'Vorah assists Kronika in trying to make sure that the Earthrealmers and their army cannot be ferried to Kronika's Keep. She and young/infernal scorpion try to disable (not kill, cause he's immortal) the Ferry Master (I forget his name) but they're interrupted by Hanzo. D'Vorah kills Hanzo but not before he is able to convince his younger self that the Shirai Ryu can be rebuilt and that his hatred is pointless. At this point D'Vorah just kinda... disappears? Like... I dunno, she gets hurt by Scorpion as Hanzo is dying and then Scorpion rushes off to help the Earthrealmers.

I wanna use my imagination and say, she's cunning enough to realize she can't reach Kronika before the Earthrealmers do so in the interest of the hive, she runs.

In the arcade ending D'Vorah gains control of the hourglass and has an philosophical revelation moment. She's resentful of being called vermin by humans. She says humans fight each other when they have no common enemy. They are divided by a lack of cause. But insects unite under every banner. Kin does not kill kin. So who are the real vermin?

Anyway, she crafts a new future where insects are massive and humans are tiny and the insects squish the humans for once, and also eat them cause why not. Not even joking.

TL;DR - D'Vorah watched Attack on Titan and had an idea for her version of the future.