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Duplicate gear bug will be fixed in the next patch!


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Welp... Guess I’ll be skipping the shrine until then! Hopefully it’s soon.


The Masterless Sword
3? Most people cant even get one lol you hack the game?:p
No. Just grinded like crazy.

Give me one lol
Wish I could.

Do you have pretty much everything unlocked already? Krypt wise? I have been working on Shao Kahn alone since launch and I maybe have 70% of his skins lol
I think all I have left are what spawns in th Kronika Time Vaults, the Kollector's shop, and the Shrine.


casual kahnage

That’s crazy lmao. I just now found the “x2 hearts” konsumable. With a mercy and brutality that’s 18 hearts a fight. I lost my shit when I saw that and I have like 25 of those. My grind is going to start soon.