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Dropped df/db Specials (XBox)


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No need for hate. I entered the input exactly correct several times and it still wasn't working. Even with the extra button presses, that's what negative edge is for. Thanks for your awesome response, though.

Why would I know that? I've literally owned an XBox for less than 24 hours. Is this really true?

yup. Most people who play on xbox (that I know) use a stick, or a ps2 pad with a converter of some sort.


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That's some bullshit brah. Oh well; guess I'll start thinking about that hitbox afterall.
Well it probably is that you're not used to using a different controller. I've had no problems playing on xbox at work, but I have a stick that's dual modded. I do have some ps2 controllers + converter, and I was missing more stuff due to not being used to that pad. But the 360 pad was god awful.


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I found that if I don't roll anything on the d-pad, but input it as down (let go) forward (let go) then it works much more consistently. For the longest time, I thought I was either incredibly bad at the game or the timing windows for these things was incredibly small.


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BillStickers I feel your pain; the Xbox dpad is horrible. The problem is that it "floats", which means that your motions either don't get translated correctly to the cardinal directions, or the timing is off, etc. It's a mess. When I got my Xbox, I was dropping everything and immediatly switched to a PS2 pad.

In the next version of the Xbox, they need to "lock" the dpad in place like a normal pad, and it'll solve 99% of the issues.