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Tech Dread's BnB mine setups (40%-75%)


Beaten, by this mere man
My written combo compilation of lex's best resets, anyone representing lex at EVO or any other tournament please make sure you know this shit. @rev0lver @pimpimjim @LexLuthorsEverywhere
Lex setups after b3 ji2 then:

B2 mine:-
1) b13db3 u3bf2 u3db2MB ji2 u3db2=46% 1 bar
2) b13db3 b2 b3 ji2 2db2MB ji2 u3db2=44% 1 bar
3) b13db1(hold to level 2) 1db2MB b3 ji2 b2u3d3=44% 1 bar
4) d3 ff (delay) b3 ji3 21db2MB ji2 u3db2=52% 1 bar

5) b2u3d3 b3 ji2 21db2MB ji2 u3db2=58% 1 bar
5.5) b2u3d3 ji2 super (resets for 40%+35% for 75% guaranteed reset)=75% 4 bars
6) 22d1(if they don't block mine) b3 ji3 11db2MB ji2 u3db2=45% 1 bar
7) 112(on block add CC against certain characters) b3 ji3 21db2MB ji2 u3db2=47% 1 bar
8) ji3 b3 ji3 11db2MB ji2 u3db2=51% 1 bar
9) f3MB ji3 11db2MB ji2 u3db2=49% 2 bars

10) jb3bf2 ji3 11db2MB ji2 u3db2=56% 1 bar (this is in case you read a neutral jump or jump forward, the jb3 will always hit them out of the air however if they did a neutral jump they won't get hit by the CC and you can still b3 ji2 21db2MB ji2 u3db2 for 53% 1 bar)

B2 close mine:-
11) f2db2MB b3 ji2 b2u3d3=44% 1 bar
12) ji3(goes over them) 1db2MB b3 ji2 b2u3d3=46% 1 bar

B2 far mine:-
13) f3MB ji3 ji2(goes over them) u3db2MB ji2 u3db2=55% 2 bars
14) f3MB f3MB ji3 21db2MB ji2 u3db2=62% 3 bars
15) f3MB ji3bf2 ji2(goes over them) u3db2MB ji2 u3bd2=59% 2 bars

U3 close mine:-
16)ff throw tech roll d1 db2MB ji2 b2u3d3=40% 1 bar unblockable

U3 far mine:-
17)ff ji3 1db2MB b3 ji2 b2u3d3=46% 1 bar

Note: some of the b2 setups work off 22 or 2, also ALL of these can be made to do more damage using a background bounce, number 14 for example can do 69% using 3 bars if you do f3MB f3MB ji3 21db2MB ji2 22bgb ji2 u3db2. Also some of these combos may not be possible or have different timings on large hitbox characters.
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