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DR_Gross Officially Retires From Competing


Mr. Righteous

With his final win over SylverRye, he left on a great note.
Thank you for always creating hype matches. From Injustice 2 being the best Green Lantern I've seen, to your run in MK11. Wish you nothing but the best, brotha! Stay Righteous ;)

Post a good memory you have of Gross. It could be a hype match you remember, tech he provided, or a personal memory etc. This is a good vibes only thread :)


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Your life and your priorities change when you are building a family I get that. He was fun to watch, a great player and I hope he still enjoys playing casually!


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Will miss Gross’s matches — since MK9 he’s pretty much never failed to be exciting, whether he wins or loses. He‘s never afraid to play anybody in the scene, was always calling people out, and just generally brings the hype and drama wherever he goes.

At least from my limited exp at Defend the North he was fun and entertaining to hang with outside the matches, and that’s cool too.

Wishing you the best of luck, dude, and may you always be playing a money match in something somewhere ;)

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What did he win?

And yeah, sucks to see him go. He was the very first pro player that I played offline in tournament. 2012 Final Round in Atlanta. Mopped me with Smoke vs Sub Zero in MK9.


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"Money match" gross was hype. I'll miss seeing him.

Here's a Gross memory that NO ONE ELSE has. I was on a private Skype call with 16bit in 2014 talking about Catwoman strategies against Bane. And we started telling stories. And I brought up how they mentioned on The Kombat Tomb Podcast that Gross had declared at a 2012 tournament that he had beaten Pig Of The Hut. And everyone in the hotel called bullshit, saying that never happened. They never played. His exact words were, "I beat Pig Of The Hut."

I speak English and Spanish, so I explained that Gross was probably THINKING "a Pig le gano", spoken in the present tense. But the present tense of Spanish can be used to express conditional thoughts. So, what translates to "I beat Pig", in the present, is actually him saying "I WOULD beat Pig." Hypothetically.

And because "beat" in English is the same in the past and present, everyone interpreted him as saying that he had already beaten Pig, when he was really trying to say that he WOULD beat him if they fought. And everyone blew him up for it, because they didn't hear what he thought he was saying.

Funny story.
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Great player, who participated in some awesome hype matches.
The very first time I ever noticed Gross was when he beat PerfectLegend in a Sektor (IIRC) VS Kung Lao match in MK9. Back in the day that was a huuuge upset, which shook everyone.


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I joined Injustice 2 a little late. I had seen a lot of gameplay from tournaments and I really liked Black Adam. But after seeing what Gross could do with GL I just wanted to main him. This set in particular was hype as hell! Watching Gross' slow methodical playstyle have contributed to how I play footsies and neutral today. Gross is just the definition of clean play.