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Dr.Fate has become a Cowboy.

CY MasterHavik

Master of Chaos and Jax
I'm shocked to see this section so silence. I wanted to get your thoughts on the recent win with Dr.Fate from Cowboy? I don't much about him, but it seems you need to control the pace of the game to win. Thoughts?
He used aqua too but cowboy is the highest level player the scene has with Theo, slayer, fox, king et cetera.

Usually I play the same character as him so I might have to switch

He is playing pretty good for a retired guy

CY MasterHavik

Master of Chaos and Jax
Retired guys don't win like him though. The dude has figure something out with the character. IT does prove a theory I have about a game.
Cowboy's Doctor Fate was incredibly last night, I was amazed at his patience and mind games. For instance back dashing into his MB force ball to lure his opponent into was hilarious and genius. He's probably the most patient Doctor Fate, I've seen thus far. I'm curious how Cowboy's play will help develop the character.

I'm certain it won't be long before we see Cowboy in top 8s, too.
True, I was just impressed with his zoning in general, from the matches I've watched GSHH (Frisco) he didn't really use his ankhs as much.