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Doom Guy instead of Ash for MK11 DLC?

Id Software is responsible for Doom and DoomGuy, not Bethesda. Id Software is respectable no matter what angle you wanna look at them. Id Software was bought by Zenimax and thus had their games published through the Bethesda brand, which Zenimax also owns.

So don't go conflating the evils of Bethesda and Todd Howard with Doom and Id Software please, their hands are clean.
Friendly reminder, there's no company that is your friend.
The fact that any information concerning mk11 has been leaks is frustrating why can't they just tell people instead of all the secrecy. Seems like NRS is a child saying"I know something you don't know" when you clearly know what's going on lol. Ash all the way


If you don't like Ash from Evil Dead there is something seriously wrong with you! Hand in your man card peasants!