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"Don't mess with Mother Nature!" - A Living Guide to Poison Ivy


Well, I just found a new and even harder optimal route for some of her combos with F3/B3 dealing a decent increase of damage, I want to see if I can squeeze it a bit more and I'lls post it later.

I'm also doing something similar to what I did for MKX Sub-Zero, a table with all of her moves properties and damage scaling percentages. It will take some time to edit it but I'll try to hurry up with it (213 launcher scaling is amazing good and B123 has a hard cap making it crap in terms of scaling, same with Datura MB as it scales damage 8 times).

I will also use video tools to check the real frame data of datura cancels on hit and block.
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Ok, so this is the F3/B3 combo with extra damage:

F3 (or B3 dash forward), 2, F12, F123

Execution is harder but gives you around 20 extra points of damage over the old version.

You can replace the F123 with F12xxKissMB but it's very tricky to connect, so for 5 less damage than that version you can go for B2D2xxKissMB. Both are more damaging than the MB versions of the old combo.

The only exception is close range B3 where it's still more damaging to go J3, F12, F123 (or F12xxKissMB) and it's easier to execute.

This is also applicable to combos using MB Drill: After the F3, use 2 instead of J1 (remember that in this version you can only connect a single F213 afterwards).

Btw, I've found that Ivy has true dash cancel combos... but they cost 2 bars and I don't see them being worth it:

F12xxBounceCancel if only the first hit of F12 hits, allows you to continue the combo.

Apparently canceling Datura triggers autoblock because it looks faster than a bounce cancel and I can't connect a throw after it (meaning the throw tries to hit at frame advantage) but I can't use that cancel to continue combos.
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Notes in the combos with interactables:
  1. Wait until Yoshi puke his thing and to it to connect to press interactable explosive. I demonstrated in that video that any Yoshi puke give enough hit advantage to connect b3.
  2. The timing to connecting the kick after the interactable explosive has to be learned via muscle memory.
With this I think that I showed enough of Poison Ivy.
Q: but but nevera!. Why didn't You do any low into crossover overhead mix-ups calling trait?.
A: The combos gives chance to do that...is just that I'm not interested in those.
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