Does anybody follow up a trance with ex trance?

Discussion in 'Quan Chi' started by jbthrash, Sep 12, 2011.

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    I was fighting a Quan player online and he ended a combo with trance. When my JC was in trance the quan player followed up with ex trance. This burned my meter and it lead to another combo. Is this a good strategy and is there any way out of it?
  2. EX Trance whiffs if the opponent is already Tranced or has been Tranced during the combo... he must have reset you before or with the EX Trance.
  3. jbthrash

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    After further testing you seem to be right. I don't know what the hell he did then. When do Quan players usually link in ex trance?
  4. You usually do it when the opponent has or will have enough meter to breaker the combo, and you can hit-confirm and directly follow up b+2,1 and b+3,1+2 with it, or just use it when a normal and hit-confirmed Trance would be used in a combo: b+3,1+2 > b+2,1 > b+1,1 xx EX Trance; (b+2,1)x2 > b+1,1 xx EX Trance; f+1,2 xx EX Trance; 1,1,2 xx EX Trance. It can also follow u+3, f+1, b+2, 2, 1, 1,1, b+3, and b+3,3 or just be done raw, but those are never really used.
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    this would've made me so happy.
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    Wow, how sweet would it be to use EX trance IN a trance combo? Perfect world right?

    Anyway, you only want to use an EX trance if the the combo your starting has a risk of them breaking it before you set up an EX rune trap, or if you think they're smart enough to let themselves get hit after the skydrop by the 2 1 to Break right before the EX Rune hits them. Then, use that EX trance.
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    I would have loved this.

    I'll use EX Trance to prevent a Breaker, and follow it up with a combo. Mix-up usually follows.

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