Doctor Strange faces off with Doctor Fate in the latest DeathBattle!

Discussion in 'Doctor Fate' started by Charybdis, Jun 14, 2018.

By Charybdis on Jun 14, 2018 at 2:31 PM
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    In the latest edition of ScrewAttack’s hugely popular Death Battle series, Wiz and Boomstick pit Injustice 2’s very own Doctor Fate with Marvel’s Dr Stephen Strange in a battle of the arch-sorcerers that pits the Spirit of Nabu and servant of the Lords of Order against the Master of the Mystic Arts and defender of reality!


    Fate, of course, was one of the most anticipated characters for Injustice 2 and his gameplay lived up to the hype as he’s become one of the most fearsome zoners in the game and arguably the number 2 or 3 character behind only Wonder Woman and Firestorm (even if his appearances in story mode are….well, there). A founding member of the Justice Society of America, Fate exists as the avatar of the Lord of Order in the mortal realm, granting him incredible powers such as sorcery, flight, super strength and telekinesis. His design and powers draw much from Egyptian mythology and legend, with his origin story being an archaeologist who stumbled upon the tomb of an ancient Egyptian sorcerer.

    Strange has become the latest character to graduate from “you only know of him if you like comics” to “pop culture staple” thanks to his appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his own psychedelic head trip (whose quality I think has largely been overlooked due to being surrounded by Black Panther and Ragnarok) and in the absolute juggernaut of a film that is Avengers Infinity War, where he’s played wonderfully by Benedict Cumberbatch. Well known to fighting game fans for his appearance in the Marvel v Capcom series, Strange is the most powerful sorcerer in the Marvel universe, utilising various spells and artifacts to the effect of defeating even the Silver Surfer and whole armies of demons at a single stroke. Having journeyed to the Far East to attempt to heal his nerve damaged fingers, much of his powers draw on Eastern and Indian mysticism.


    Who’s gonna win? Well….cards on the table here, before watching the video, I’m more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy. Even if my absolute favourite characters, such as Zod and Dick Grayson, are DC, I much prefer Marvel, even aside from the world-conquering MCU. But as much as my heart says Strange, I’m gonna predict that Dr Fate wins this one. Check out the result below!

    Interested in other Death Battles featuring NRS characters? Start here:

    Spoiler alert: we’ve got a pretty solid record on both the DC and Mortal Kombat fronts

    As always, check back to TYM for all the latest news on Injustice 2, Mortal Kombat and everything NRS!
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Discussion in 'Doctor Fate' started by Charybdis, Jun 14, 2018.

    1. MKF30
      Great battle, I agree with the outcome overall.
    2. GLoRToR
      tfw we have nothing to put on frontpage so we put youtube trash
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    3. Jynks
      This is one of the most common battles around.. pretty much every one comes to the same conclusion.. Fate curb stomps Strange. This is not a fair match up at all. If you want a MUCH better battle with out all the horrible stupid voices and much MUCH more comic lore check out Variant on youtube.

    4. Espio
      The outcome wasn't surprising, but I don't like these types of characters. I find a lot of these comic book characters so boring and unexciting because they can do entirely too many things. What makes characters interesting is their layers of flaws and strengths. It's like people sit at a brainstorm board thinking of abilities and then finally get bored, throw their hands up and say, "let's just give them everything" in order to not have to choose.
    5. GLoRToR
      DC characters vs Marvel characters is not really a fair matchup anyway. DC was always poorly written godmode junk and Marvel likes to create characters with human flaws.
    6. Cursa
      DC characters are way more broke in terms of power 95% of the time, but poorly written couldn't be further from the truth. They both have basically an equal amount of shitty comics.

      There's a reason silver age Superman stopped being a thing
    7. GLoRToR
      I apologise, I didn't mean to shit on any DC Fans' favourites. I'll admit to having enjoyed DC material in the past, otherwise, I wouldn't know so much about that universe. The reason I'm somewhat critical with DC and less so with Marvel is that DC's strengths lie in continuity and Marvel's in stand-alone lore.

      Marvel has never stopped being "first few years"; they recycle their stories and most things past a certain point will always be retconned back to the "year one" state whether after a decade or after a week is up to the editors in chief.

      DC, on the other hand, boasts a vast range of storylines that allow characters to grow past their initial purposes and evolve (or in certain cases devolve) into more or less different, or improved versions of themselves.

      I consider, thus, Marvel to be better organised but DC to have more overall entertainment value once you've heard the same story ten or so different times.
    8. ATP2014
      Fate usually wins, but this isn't a stomp by any means. Strange holds his own much better than a lot of the Marvel/DC copies.
    9. Cursa
      TBH it's back and forth between the two as to who's doing better, or whichever one I prefer really. I just enjoy good storytelling and don't really look too hard into how the universe(s) are set up.

      I like both of them equally really. I just get tired of that "DC characters are all op boring story lel" shindig that you see from a bunch of tryhard Marvel fanboys (or just DC haters) which they were super broke for a time, but not too much anymore. At least not THAT broke.

      But yea, you didn't mean any harm in your initial comment. Most of these Marvel v DC fights are super one-sided. ScrewAttack will always be a sucker for just putting two characters against one another because of some similarity. Thor/Raiden. Strange/Fate. etc.
    10. Tanno
      They have done tons of Death Battles, including Bayonetta VS Dante, Felicia VS Taokaka (my waifus), Spawn VS Kratos, etc.
    11. GLoRToR
      Some of their fights are entertaining and correct, others are obviously biased towards whichever the creator of the video thinks is stronger. In DC vs Marvel if we take them at face value DC will always win. End story.
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    12. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      I agree a lot of the times but I find Superman to be one of the most relatable comic book characters. Not the flying, shooting lasers thing, but it’s more that Clark is more or less a normal guy with a job, small beginnings, and wants to do the right thing, Clark is the normal guy who actually has the ability to do something. Every movie got him wrong imo, not just the DCEU version. MCU Cap kinda represents what Superman should be in the movies
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    13. MKF30
      I have to laugh at the "DC has poorly written characters" when Marvel has people like Thanos(the fans of this character think he can beat everyone and anyone with the IG, and characters like Squirrelgirl? nuff said.) Point is both DC and Marvel at times yes, have OP characters but those people who think it's "only DC and not Marvel" are delusional or simply don't read comics if they think that. In fact Marvel has way more Cosmic OP beings than DC does lol.
      Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
    14. Cursa
      Dr Strange wins in character representation

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