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Doctor Fate patch Needs and Wishes


Beware my power.
safe glyph is a good and fair buff.
I wonder how much damage will he do from s1 and f2 using trait, 1 bar and 1 akhn now
It absolutely is a needed change. I wouldn't even call it a buff. Push was supposed to be his only safe option and it wasn't even safe. Doctor fate would literally lose MUs in my opinion vs characters that did safe special better than him and the fact that they could also punish his "safe" special too was painful.

Edit: although the damage buff on glyph of Osiris wasn't needed. He could convert off of anything into moderate damage and any setup he wanted before with me glyph of Osiris. It's supposed to be primarily used for conversions but the added damage is huge now. Fate will now do huge damage in ankh combos
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