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Doctor Angel Is Collecting Brains.

Lt. Boxy Angelman

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My name is Doctor Angel.
Aka ,The second best Brainiac player you've never heard of.
You may remember me from previous delusional efforts such as "THE BRAINIAC THEME SONG," "The Unlucky 13-0 Deathmatch," and "The Ultimate Cyrax Matchup Thread For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan."

Tonight, I am starting a drive.
A drive for brains.
Your brains.

I hereby open:​
(Open from today, July 7'th, to December 15'th, for reasons to be disclosed later.)​

The brains of all those who see fit to do battle with me.
In the name of science, my main, and the betterment of all things, I will collect all the brains there are to be had in the scope of competitive Injustice 2, and in this thread, I will post my results and findings.

The posts below will be reserved for future experiments.

Let our journey begin.

Bring me your brains. Immediately.
And I will make you into a glorious specimen.​

(Disclaimer: Okay, so I'm a writer. I live in New York, I have a daughter I'm trying to make a living with my craft to win back and show a better life, I've been writing a book for the last seven years and a lot of it has been rooted in my time in the FGC, so I want to use all of you as 1. a base for my experiments in order to stir up inspiration and shake ideas loose, 2. an excuse to hold on to only one major main at a time which i havent been able to do since MK9 Cyrax, 3. do something unique, bizarre, and intriguing to make all of our lives as masochistic digital kung fu devotees more interesting. If you're interested/want to see the possible napalm fireworks that could come out of such an idea, add me. DoctorAngel333. And i will novelize the battles for all of our entertainment.)​