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Do you think the DLC price is fair?

Is Kombat Pack 1 worth $40?

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Everyone Has A Path
It's five bucks a character, then like 20 skins for the last ten. Idk I'm enjoying the game still and I really dont mind shelling out money for fighting game dlc, but I dont really spend much money on video games to begin with.

I do think the characters have been a little hit or miss for the most part. I've been pretty vocal about how crappy I think Spawn turned out, Terminator is way too mobile to represent the source material, and Nightwolf's variations need more fine tuning. Them teasing and clearly planning for Ash only to swap him out with Joker instead was a huge slap in the face.

I get why people hate fighting game dlc, but every character brings with them new playstyles, new matchups, and a new element to the meta. If that's worth it to you then you should buy it. If you're only interested in buying characters you would play, then you probably dont need to

The only season pass I didnt buy was the first Tekken one. I just decided to switch to Negan and use an armored launcher on anything I wasnt familiar with


RIP Arez & Booya
Compared to the early days of extra content releases, the pricing is very fair (hell, given the inflation adjustments on games from back in the day, it's no wonder that I didn't get new games until the PS1 era LOL). I don't think it's fair, compared to MK11's peers within the genre, though.


Thrill Kill
I think the only time I've seen DLC done right for a fighting game was back when Skullgirls was releasing their DLC characters.
Just recently paid $35 for MK11 PE and Injustice 2 all DLCs included. Guess it pays to wait awhile although I do agree with everything being said here, in that some DLC are pricey especially after shelling out 60 bucks for a game at release.
This has probably already been said, but what kills me about shelling out 100 bucks for the game is that they took sooo long to release who the DLC was. Of the six characters released I've played 1. And if I had known half would be guest characters i never would have paid for the whole thing. I always get crazy hype for NRS games but this one kinda left me feeling like a sucker. Never again.
I understand the frustration.
Games should make it a habit to make all DLC characters available in Practice Mode.
This times a thousand. If a DLC happens to be top tier i don't wanna be left completely in the dark. If anything if i could practice mode the goddamn character i might be more inclined to buy them. In MKX i was totally free to Alien's mix ups loooooooong after he was nerfed. And to this day for a Borracho match up in MKX I have no idea whats happening. But I'd HAPPILY take him over a guest!


Is it fairly priced ... NO
Do you have to buy it ... ANOTHER NO
you have 20+ free characters play them and if you really wanna play somebody just buy him you don't have to buy the kp for one character
You're gonna tell me I need them to practice myself against them I'd say that's absolutely dumb unless you wanna train for tournament or something similar like that you can rely YouTube and match experience to win ,

But it would be a very good idea to open all characters in practice mode