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Dlc announcement next week


Yes, give us Fujin, Ermac, Smokey, Terminator and Michael Myers. Then my dream MK game will be Komplete!!
There's no events this week right? Wonder if they're gonna dump it online one random morning. I could see the trailer coming Tuesday or Wednesday, Shang Kast on Thursday and Shang early KP owner release this Friday
Another State of Play by Sony is rumoured to be broadcasted this week. It's quite possible that they're in talks with NRS to release a KP1 trailer during the trailer marathon.

But it's not set in stone to happen, which is what Ed probably meant by 'keeping one's fingers crossed'.
I want it too be raining, to tease Rain fans, I want mileena to walk in view and change into Shang, and then to pennywise, he kills Liu Kang or whoever, then shang Tsung kills IT and steals his soul