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Question - Sonya Blade Did sonya get nerfed?


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was good mk gods i just got back to the game but have seen that some of sonya blades corner bnbs with demolition do not work anymore someone help what are her new bnbs ps i dont feel like trying to figure it out
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Yea you can't combo 2 grenades in a row. All her combos completely changed after the last patch. Demo Sonya right now is basically a new character if you quit playing the game. They nerfed her B1 to the fucking ground. Don't waster your time imo.
Yeah she got nerfed, but she's still pretty good though. They nerfed the start up of her B1 to 19 I think. Also you can combo two grenades in a row...the new rule is you can't combo two of the same grenades in a row unless you meter burn it. So before you could do a string xx stun grenade, string stun grenade, string stun grenade. Now you have to do explosive to stun or vice versa.

0 Bar combo: B14 xx explosive grenade, RC, 213 xx stun grenade, ender.
1 Bar combo: B14 xx explosive grenade, RC, 213 xx stun grenade, 213, EX stun grenade, ender

you can obviously exchange any string or ender for what you want but just a general example of how her new combos with grenades kind of work.

This makes it so that you have to be more aware about making sure you have one grenade left to stun or combo into to get a safe grenade reload unless you want pure damage. I usually use two grenades explosive then a stun grenade into ender then go for a reload. 213 is a good ender for a safe reload outside the corner. If you have zero grenades you can go for the 112 string which has enough hit advantage for you to get a free reload w/o a knockdown or punish into a reload.

Overall I think she's still pretty decent you just have to play a bit smarter and be aware of your grenades.
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