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Decay vs GOTS Cossner (GA) ft10 (Hilarious Trolling)


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Finally, a set showing a good matchup for Lobo. You can see the advantages Lobo has over Green Arrow: Stuffing his wakeups, or reading the slide and getting full punish. Lobo's shotgun shells totally decimate anything GA does so it's very risky for GA to either load an arror or shoot one from mid screen. I know first hand that Cossner hates the matchup and I appreciate all the sets he's played with me because back in the day, I couldn't quite figure out the MU.
All the troll comments I make calling Cossner a scrub are out of love for the dude. He's one of the best GAs I know and big props for him using such a shitter. Shout out to GOTS COSSNER

Cute projectiles brah...

Lobo has no more fucks to give.



Get your guns on. Sheriff is back.
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I just love how Lobo's MB pump shot does more damage than a GA combo
Damage is the number 1 reason I dropped Green Arrow in spite of all my hype for him prelaunch and in the early months. You gotta work sooooo much harder and once they learn your high lows and how to block it just gets harsh. For what its worth...at least I stuck with Bane from launch on through till he got good. ;)