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Question Dead On setups?

I only check TYM from time to time and I haven´t a comlplete overview what stuff is already known. In Capcom games every special has his own usefulness and I take this as an analogy for every special in every game but in the Dead On (Air DB+1) case? What for is this fucking move? If you input db+1 at the apex point of his jump arc you will land non crossup, if you input df+1 you land crossup and it hits crossup, unfortunatly not in the corner. Don´t know why it does not work in the corner. But the possibility for a crossup guessing game must have a meaning. Midscreen you have to dash after 223, it only works in the corner but without the crossup guessing part. This cornersetup stuffs a lot of wakeups, only tested on Deathstroke flip sword shit and CW cat scratch but it should be representative for the most wakeups. From a blockstring the cross up version doesn´t come out too or my exe is off. 223 onblock insta Jump df+1 doesn´t come out, don´t know why? Is there any usefulness for this move. I know his B+3 J2?xxDead On MB but you have no Ice Arrow afterwards, I´ve never used it. Please help the german theory fighter


Ancestors give me Strength!!
i tried like hell to implement dead on into my corner game...i wanted it so badly to work, i literally tested most of arrows move list to see if anything would work, this is what i found though if its any use...
these are all dead on cross ups
slide MB, causes enough knockback to do dead on safely - can be beaten with a wake up though
113, j3 - can also be crossed up - can be done midscreen -cant be poked - this actually beats wake ups(at least all of arrows wake ups) can be tech rolled though

dead on really doesnt pay off tbh, even if you hit 113 i would rather do a full combo + hardknockdown and trait arrow.
and in the corner bait those wake ups and full punish them, dead on seems too wonky and just doesnt pay off tbh :(