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DBFZ Official Matchmaking PSN/XBL/PC


Buff George
PSN: The_RobotDevil
DBFZ Tag: John_Zoidberg
Country: USA (Virginia)
Team: Beerus, Frieza, Adult Gohan
Misc: Usually free in the evenings.


Mr. Righteous
PSN: JBeezYBabY1
DBFZ Tag: JBeezYBabY
Country: USA -California - (Mostly in West Coast Meeting Lobby 1 or 2 where the heavy hitters are)
Team: Kid Buu, Nappa, Vegeta
Misc: Usually free after 5pm PST


Mr. Righteous
This needs to be boosted. I feel if we gather up into an awesome Ring Match, then we can have a DBFZ porty!

Who's down today ?Question mark?


Dedicated Broly main
PSN: ShArp_5000
STEAM: ShArpy_fgc
DBFZ TAG: ShArpy_fgc
COUNTRY: Lithuania
REGION: Europe

TEAM: Kid Buu / Best assist in the game / Best 2H in the game