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  1. Sindelia

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    Do you like her as a character or did you ever?
    It's different when you play a character you like say since 90s and when you play them for a change.
    True, she's got lots of bad match ups but there IS a way around all of them, I believe that it's up to the players' XP online.
    I have a big e-passion for her, been liking her since 1995 (mk3) and doesn't matter if I win or lose online.
    The fact that I'm learning and improving is what matters. It's not only her tremendous damage scaling but the traps and mind games she's capable of. One wrong guess and say goodbye to either your breaker or 30%-50% of your health.
  2. RampaginDragon

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    I used to not be into playing over used fighters. And now I use CSZ, Sek, and Shang. Ya, my next pick up will be top tier and over used. Maybe Kabal, or Jax. Something along those lines.
  3. MKF30

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    Yeah, online Reptile can win a lot easier with the lag advantage and dash, but I have found over time he's not as bad as I thought initially. Good reps are annoying but can be dealt with, I deal with Reptile with Ermac(keeping him far and honest, with throws) and with Sektor as he can outzone Reptile with the missles and flames rock his dash! :)

    Yeah I hear ya, Sonya I think is very, very good but I agree not "too overpowering" she's annoying and definitely top tier but can be beat. I tend to deal with Sonya's with Ermac, Sektor and Scorpion. Sometimes Raiden if I'm in the mood to use him. She's fast though I must say.
  4. GGA Jeremiah

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    I keep threatening to quit Sheeva but have not done so yet. I took a hard look at her frame data last night to see if I could come up with any new tech from her. I have a couple ideas but they are too much risk for the reward. You just can't beat the frame data. Every time I would come up with a new idea, it was like oh that won't work, that is way too punishable. The best conclusion I came up with last night is that her d3 is very good.

    It is a 7 frame attack that also has a duration of 20 frames. So if you dash forward and d3, d3, d3 and the opponent gets frustrated and tries to crossover jump you, you should have time to do anti-air grab. If you hit a crouching opponent with d3 and cancel into lowgrab, the only way out is for the opponent to Jump out. So basically the best way for the opponent out of the d3's is to counter poke after blocking a d3. They will be at +7 frame advantage. If they miss time their counter poke by some frames, you can do armored low grab for over 45% damage.

    So it comes down to guessing right. If they crossover jump, anti air grab. If they down poke, do armored low grab. Just don't guess wrong!
  5. Lumpymoomilk

    Lumpymoomilk Online Punching Bag

    I have enjoyed her mostly in this game, I played a bit in MK3 but didn't really play the version after that cause they kind of sucked. I win some matches here and there, but not like when I was playing Sonya or Jax. It's rough. I know what you mean about the mind games, I'll stomp a couple of times to make them paranoid and stop turtling, then I can air grab or standing 4 them and make them think twice about being in air, it can confuse people definitely. I actually find she works fairly well against Kenshi who Sonya and Jax have a hard time dealing with. Some matches just suck though, Raiden seems out frame her speed wise, out teleports out everythings me. Mileena is such a pain too, roll takes out so many low attacks and telekick just demolishes any attempts at telestomp and with crappy lag you can't air grab them. Not only that, but I did an enhanced bf3 and Mileena was doing an U4 and it completely missed her. I was right on top of her too, it's just out of range or something. Those matches seem near impossible with anyone around your same skill, maybe I just need to learn the match more and play it differently with her.
  6. Lumpymoomilk

    Lumpymoomilk Online Punching Bag

    I totally agree about the guessing game, if you can guess right you can do some nice damage but you guess wrong and you eat a combo. Sucks everything is so specialized, air grab, only works in air, low grab only works low and bf3 only works if they are standing or low in air. It's kinda frustrating.
  7. She has no zoning capabilities in most match ups, and standing right beside her is not threatening at all as with experience you can learn how to block against a low poke canceled into any grabs and punish accordingly. She has no good fast mid hits, so if she does land a D3 on you, just jump out, or wait to see if she cancels into a special and act accordingly. If she does D3 into 212F1 or whatever just poke it. She does have good reward for taking high risks, but the chances of getting those risks off is so low it's barely worth it.

    At this point I play her more as a footsie/baiting character with B2, F4, standing 4, BF3, 12 and D4 xx Fireball.
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  8. shad0ki11er 27

    shad0ki11er 27 Time will only tell the Greats

    i jus picked up sheeva and i am focus on her and i am not touchin a single other character until i beat a high level Kabal i came close but i just cant think of a way to get him anyone wanna give me some advice to wat i could do against him??
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  9. Lumpymoomilk

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    The only thing Kabal has over Sheeva is that stupid ass ndc infinite pressure, she has a 6 frame d1, a 7 frame d3 which can sometimes save her if they mess up. The downside is her hitbox is way too big to avoid it if they are consistent with it. She does have some advantages with her armor though, if they are putting on pressure and they aren't ducking often you can armor bf3 and get a nice 22% damage for them being too eager. Only telestomp when he is focused on iagb mindlessly sometimes and thinks you have no way in, always use the enhanced version to go through the fireball stream and close the distance, Trading a ground stomp for a sawblade, or a non enhanced dash which a decent number of kabals do on wakeup sometimes is ok as well and better than even attempting to trade your slow ass fireball with his fast ones. Always be careful though if they have meter they will likely use an enhanced dash and get a combo on you with no meter though ground stomp is your best bet full screen. You don't have to demolish him, which likely you won't you just have to hurt him more with trades than he hurts you. Never ever ever do telestomps unless Kabal is busy doing something else, otherwise he will just wait, dash and combo you for free. It's a winnable match, just not an easy or even fair one. You just have to be very careful, patient and know when to throw out your armor.
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  10. shad0ki11er 27

    shad0ki11er 27 Time will only tell the Greats

    yea its winnable jus really hard but yeah thanks for the help hope it helps in the next kabal MU and the kabals i went against so far all try and use the NDC and then EX ND and combo off it i been trying the telestomp but i guess thats what been messin me up so yea thanks again i think i can win dis MU now
  11. Eh SnOwY

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    mileena overused? in my whole MK online career i've run maybe under 10 mileena players, there's not really that many mileenas...
  12. shad0ki11er 27

    shad0ki11er 27 Time will only tell the Greats

    yea i use all most all low tier fighters but i do use smoke he is my main and has been sense the game came out and i jus use low tier i jus picked up sheeva cuz everyone say she sucks and does not belong on the game so i wanna show people on the internet and others she belongs and shes a good character
  13. Lumpymoomilk

    Lumpymoomilk Online Punching Bag

    That was kind of my reason to pick her up as well. Very satisfying feeling beating people with higher trueskill than you online with a character people say has almost no chance in winning certain matches.
  14. MKF30

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    Now days yes, but when the game first came out it seemed every other player was using her or every few matches anyway. But now if I had to say, I'd replace Mileena with Cage ;)
  15. Espio

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    Mileena is still a popular choice whenever I pick Sheeva or any zoning character....till they find out I'm better at other things besides throwing fireballs:cool:.
  16. Axel_Redd

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    ....her cartwheel IS safe offline....
  17. London Lust

    London Lust Lagleena Player

    Does anyone throw the person after 12 on hit? I've caught a lot of people with this, it's kinda funny.
  18. Cartwheel is safe
  19. Axel_Redd

    Axel_Redd Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!

    i know it is

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