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Question D+1 Online Glitch

At first I just thought it was a coincidence, but every time I follow up a 3 with D+1 my game dsyncs. Now, I can do 3,2 all day, but the second I try to fit D+1 in the game craps out.

Was curious to see if other were having the same problem.
I do 3, D+1, 2 all day. It's not that. There's a glitch where your game desyncs if you're pressing too many buttons. The netcode just can't handle so many inputs at one time. Try mashing it out a little less hard.


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i need to test this out more.. i have a friend that has the same problem when ever he presses 2 buttons at the same time online. he uses scorpion when this happens, theres a combo of his that ends with a 2 button push
Wow. So dial slower? It's not like I'm double tapping each input or anything, I'm simply getting it out as fast as I can in order to have enough time to dash, jump, SB etc.

Inputting my combos in a different manner than I would offline is kind of crappy.