Cyrax needs the break window of his command grab reduced to 5 or 6 frames.

Discussion in 'Cyrax' started by Sporko, Jun 13, 2011.

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    I posted this in the "Command Grab-Bomb Trap PATCH?" thread but since I started this one, and made such a big whiny deal about how awful command grab is now, I felt obligated to man up and post it here as well.

    "Bah. I'm about to do something I hate having to do, which is admitting I may have been dead wrong about something. Online lag and awkward guard drop animations (i.e. that it seems to take time for the block animation to stop even after you stop blocking) made me believe that command grab was techable while blocking. It looked like blocking players were teching command throw on a regular basis. Were that the case, all the bitching I've done about command throw over the past couple weeks would be justified, IMO.

    However, I got in a ton of offline play last night and it would seem I was just, well, wrong. My friend could not tech the throw while blocking, and while 14+10 frames is extremely reactable, 14 frames is considerably less so.

    I still think his lack of lows and the single button tech on the comand throw make it so that his mixup game is seriously lacking, but command throw still has uses offline.

    So, yeah. Me=wrong."
  2. this is something i did last night during a gameplay. net reset, jump punch, command grand, jump over punch, command grab, jump over punch command grab. basically i did it 3 times. i guess once he stayed in blocking position i was available to grab him multiple times.
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    Huh... I played against my brother about 15 matches last night and he teched the command grab from blocking every single time.

    Whatever, I'll probably just switch mains. Instead of understanding that there's in place counters, in this case two of them, and the glaring fact that the best tournament players knew how to deal with Cyrax already... And on top of all this, Cyrax was NOT dominating any tournament scene at all, yea, lets just completely revamp a character for no reason because the majority of players suck at the game and they don't know what they're complaining about.

    It was completely defendable.. Seriously.. If 25 people sucked at this game and played against a good (insert any character here) and got pummeled by (insert move here), is the conclusion that the move must be taken out of the game, or is the conclusion simply that the people getting owned by (insert move here) suck at the game?

    In case you haven't figured it out, it's the latter. Whty dumb down the game and ruin characters' uniqueness so that shitty players don't have to think?

    I like to use Ermac for specific examples in my rants :(... Lets say 100 terrible players play against ermac and just walk at him and get force lifted over and over. Any good players knows about force lift and punishes the hell out of it or at least defends it properly. These 100 terrible players all bitch umntil the force lift gets removed. This type of situation is EXACTLy what happened here, and I am just dumbfounded by it.

    Fuck it.. lets just make the following changes while we're at it.

    sub zeros ice ball doesn't freeze you. ermacs lift no longer hits you ever. scorpions spear doesn't hit you. sindels scream doesnt stun you. quan chi's trance doesnt give adv, and no character can ever combo anyone.. because hey.. "omg guaranteed damage after getting hit is bad because I don't know about breakers and I suck too fucking bad to avoid anything!"

    (soap bar in my mouth) garbage like this would be no more (soap bar in my mouth) than completely fucking cyrax.

    He's like a hot cheerleader that got butt raped at the prom and now is just all emo hiding in his bath tub putting on black make up and listening to portoise head, and will never see the light of day again.

    Good fucking game NRS... retards..
  4. Sporko

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    How sure are you about his block teching? When I tested it with my friend Zack, we tried it a few rounds without even playing. I just would throw him while blocking for a round, then throw him while he wasn't blocking for a round. Teched it everytime when he wasn't blocking, never when he was. We tried that for 3 straight rounds of nothing but command throw.

    Now you have me curious. Next time I see him I'll have him try to ocmmand throw me and I'll try teching, so I can try it from my end.
  5. Sultani

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    Well, it sounds like you tested it more specifically than I did. We never actually stopped actual matches to test it out, and I suppose it's entirely possible that since the command throw is a fairly deliberate animation that he was letting go of block right before he got grabbed.

    Either way I still think the change is ridiculous.
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    This thread is a great read, I have to bump it! How the times have changed for the yellow death machine...
  7. Alien Substance

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    He is barely viable. /sadeyes

    He needs it! /trollface
    It is interesting to look into the past, is it not? Learn from our mistakes by reviewing what happened back then. Not sure if it applies here.
  8. Error

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    MK downplaying at it's finest.

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