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Discussion in 'Cyrax' started by STORMS, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. xZEPPELIx

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    At the end of Cyrax's EX Bomb combo, after doing 33 Net, instead of doing teleport -> 33 rag doll you can do teleport -> NJ. This is good because you recover a little earlier than the opponent, who recovers standing (so you don't have to worry about wake-up attacks). You can go for a command grab if they block, anti air grab if they jump, u+4 if they try to duck the cmd grab, d+4 -> close bomb and much more stuff.
  2. Cr1ms0n

    Cr1ms0n Noob

    Really wanna learn Cyrax but from what I have seen everyone thinks he will be nerfed into a low tier character. Do you think I should take the time to learn him before the patch?
  3. Well how nerfed do you think he'll get? I only heard his "guaranteed" bomb trap will be patched. He still an incredible player in the right hands regardless of his bomb trap. I rarely pull it off online and what not so I could careless. I have over 200 wins without really using his trap.. He will most likely still be really effective depending how much he will get nerfed. Other than his guaranteed bomb he is perfect the way he is.
  4. xZEPPELIx

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    I heard the only nerf he is getting his command grab is getting a bigger break window. Which is totally fine IMO.
  5. Eight

    Eight I am the salt

    2-3 frames (what it is now) to 10 or so frames is what I heard. So you will almost never get the grab off of a net capture. Not a big deal imo.
  6. xZEPPELIx

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    I don't know why that works in the first place lol. I mean shouldn't being in the net count as being in hitstun thus making the cmd grab wiff? Oh NRS.
  7. Porter

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    I wish there was a source for this
  8. Eight

    Eight I am the salt

    Tom Brady said it in the other thread.

  9. Sultani

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    The nerf is a perfectly reasonable solution. The command grab is just getting a bigger window to be broken. It's still a perfectly viable tactic, just that it's not as easy to do if you net someone first. Not really a big deal, and you can still use it and let the opponent break it and enjoy your meter advantage. baiting out an uppercut or a projectile while you teleport and then command grab will still work just fine because simple reaction time won't always be fast enough to break the BP, FP, BP following the grab. It's harder to pull off post patch simply because you're going to have to do it in less predictable situations (instead of every single time you net someone).

    Cyrax still has other upper 40% - 55ish% combos that do not include using the bomb trap too. One simple change making it a little harder to get someone caught in the same combo certainly is not enough to make him a lower tier character. He'll still be my main for sure.

    Just mix it up a little. I've started abusing my meter advantage in anticipation of the patch to do different things when someone gets netted like jump punch , BP, FP, sticky bomb, mid bomb, uppercut, overhead bomb, dash, fk, fk, ragdoll (or FP, BP, FP). I think that one does around 45%ish without the trap.

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