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Breakthrough Cyborg's 50/50


Buluc Chabtan
Guys, I may be overreacting, but I think this is pretty major. Borrowing from the findings of @Relaxedstate and @BrianTheBEAST (and throwing in a little bit of Ram magic), I have found what I think is a 50/50 for Cyborg. This can be done anywhere on the screen, and follows after 113xxSDC.

Here is how it works (also, see video below):
(1) end a bnb combo in 113xxSD (don't let it rip)
(2) immediately dash-cancel the SD by dashing forward twice (this should put you right in your opponent's face as they are getting up)
(3) Since it has been shown that instant-air j2 can be connected to 11 (i.e. it combos), and also that instant-air j2 hits the opponent as they are getting up after a 113 even if they are low blocking, you are put into a situation where you can go low (b2) or overhead (instant-air j2) and your opponent has to guess which!

What you do after b2 or instant-air j2 is your choice, but I think the main point here is that Cyborg can put an opponent in a situation where they must choose to block low or overhead (both of which cannot be reacted to). I hope you guys try this for yourselves and confirm I am not crazy!

This video shows the overhead option only, as this is the main find here.

EDIT: when the opponent tech rolls, it seems as though instant-air j2 won't connect. Having said that, I think Cyborg can still pressure at that point (e.g. f22, b231, etc.) Will keep testing
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