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I made a guide to Cyborg a while back. I used to main him, but I discovered Grundy and Ares.
The thing with Cyborg is he needs set-ups from hard knock-downs, and sense he only has 2 HKDs it's kind of hard. After an HKD you can drop missiles on them and force them to either move or get popped-up for an air juggle. Cyborg is most deadly in the corner with an almost 50% for 2 meter. The main strat with Cyborg however is the IAFB force them to jump and MB your fire ball or Power-Fist them away..rinse repeat. Problem is people will dash block you all day and force you to use Zip-Line to escape then punish you. His combo-strings are not that great, and his command grab is pretty useless. As much as I like the character he will never be great.


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All you said is true, but the result of doing IAFB means that you have a ton of meter, Cyborg has big damaging combos in the corner but ppl always tell me that he has no combos mid screen that can end with a good set up. But I have find several midscreen combos that end with good set ups :) lol they require meter but they're great and will catch ppl off guard lol I even have command grab combos, lol 5 actually


Cyborg's Savior
Its hard learning Cyborg and thats why most ppl give him up, shit I dont blame them but what I like to do is watch other players that play different characters and try to incorporate some of there game into mine lol its a great strategy :)

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Cyborg does well in most matchups without relying heavily on iafb. I think it comes down to execution, reaction and adaptation. I love playing the borg amd will always main him. Currenlty working on making a vid on my upclose style of play and hopefully by sharing it can help us shut them all down. Long live the borg!

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C'mon man you know that's not a fair comparison and it doesn't answer the question. I think it's an important query to raise since people like yourself have outright hinged the ENTIRE effectiveness of the character on IAFB.
people like me?

lol i was kidding. I only spam it to build meter or to make the threat real in the air to keep people grounded.

The real meta game is using it in footsies