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Currently working on stryker..tips needed


I just picked up stryker as one of my side characters. Generally I play human smoke, ermac, kabal, masked subzero, robot smoke, kano, and sektor. Human smoke, ermac, kabal and most recently stryker are my best characters(in that order). Hes fun to play. I have one quick question about one of his combos. Generally how many repeated aahp, hp, riot gun combos can you add to this. Ive only managed to get one additional riot gun because the characters get too low. What do I need to do to get more. (Combo below from stryker character guide)

" jump punch, HK, HP, HP, LP, riot gun, baton dash, (misses) aaHP,HP, riot gun, repeat til corner"

(excuse any grammatical or spelling errors. Its finals week)


jdub03 said:
Generally how many repeated aahp, hp, riot gun combos can you add to this.
You can go from one side of the screen to the other without too much difficulty. How well the combo works depends on what character its being done to for one thing. Characters that are different in how they get juggled (Shang Tsung, Sheeva, etc) will require you change things up and can make it tougher.

The only trick I can think of is to leave a slight pause before the gun. The gun disables for a short period of time after it is used. You'll notice in the video attached to Stryker's gameplay guide that he does 3 HPs before the gun each time. The third HP doesn't connect, but it helps a lot with timing to let the third HP come out. You just have to leave that tiny bit of time to allow the gun to reload.

And also, get used to getting the gun out very quickly after the popup. But, don't mash the button. If you sit there hitting the gun motion as fast as you can, you won't get it out as quickly as if you practice doing the motion and hitting it as soon as you recover from the combo.


Thanks that really helps. Sometimes id do the aahp but the gun wouldnt come out. I thought i just did the motion wrong. Im going to try adding that third punch to it.

One last question. Does timing it perfectly keep the opponent higher up in the air or is that just dependent on the character.