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Discussion in 'Sub-Zero' started by M_TRICKZz, May 19, 2012.

  1. M_TRICKZz

    M_TRICKZz Noob

    Critique my sub guys, and raiden too but I don't really main him but I would like to here comments on him also.

    My personal faults:
    *Most of the time my opponent landed a JIP was because of my reactions being delayed online(But I do have to work on that)
    *I wasn't aware of counter poking at the time but I'm mastering that as we speak
    *My combo's could of had way more potential, my play style at the time was to simple do B121 into 212/grab mix-up but like a fool I never really grabbed which disappointed me watching this video(But that's fixed now)
    *Let that guy double cross me over like a fool(Working on that as we speak also)
    *I show too much respect, learning how to be more aggressive.

    Ok guys plz inform me of anything I missed . PS I'm M_Trickz!

    Sorry if there is a critique my sub Thread cause I can't find it guys.

    And to Hood-fresh you deserve your respect mayne, sorry I complained before but revenge is still to be had :)
  2. Qwark28

    Qwark28 Jacks off to good voice acting

    Respect wakeups,d4 on wakeup ain't gonna hit,it'll get stuffed,if you were baiting a shoulder,you should've uppercut

    crouch projectiles,don't block 'em,except shangs ofc.

    blocked d3s can be d4'd

    be smart about throws

    those from the first 20 secs w sub,will check out le rest when i wake up,can also help with the shang MU,i play both characters.
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  3. M_TRICKZz

    M_TRICKZz Noob

    Got it mayne! I didn't blk all projectiles lol and was very disappointed in myself with that NW match and the last shang one!
  4. NRF CharlieMurphy

    NRF CharlieMurphy Kindergarten Meta

    d4 is not a good approach tool. Its a great counter footsie tool.... but you don't want to dash up and d4, people will cross this up. Learn to HC it... so that when you do land it... you can follow up with 2,1,2. Sometime you'd hit and then go for another d4... instead of a block string clone. Something ALL SZ's (myself included) need to learn.
    2,2 and 2,2,4 are much better for APPROACHING people.

    NW's wake ups can be baited with a well spaced d3. If you know the range of hatchet... you can d3 outside of that.... so that both the shoulder and hatchet whiff... allowing you to full combo punish.

    quit jumping at Mileena :)

    good stuff though. Love watching other people play SZ. :)
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  5. Enenra

    Enenra Go to hell.

    l Enenra l
    Work on your AA with Sub. More 2 or 22 freeze as opposed to trying for clone
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  6. M_TRICKZz

    M_TRICKZz Noob

    STB CharlieMurphy
    Thankz alot mayne, D4's not a good approach...that's the first time someone has ever told me that but I do see your point, ok then gonna work on better tolls to get in like 22 as you suggested. And D4 hit confirm I know I gotta work on that way more now, I just do it to be honest xD. Silly me

    Thanx alot!
  7. M_TRICKZz

    M_TRICKZz Noob

    Yea I gonna use clone only for corner strategies, I noticed that one very bad habit I'm in too is to put up clones in the corner when my backs against's the wall which gets blown up alot! 99% of the time lol

    Ok got it thx
  8. Qwark28

    Qwark28 Jacks off to good voice acting

    dont jump when it's gonna whiff

    poke between strings

    use 22 more

    stop sliding unless you can nail it

    hit confirm

    use the 50/50

    start counterpoking,it's ridiculous seeing that idiot doing 2 d3s and 2 d1's and managing to get like -40f total from just 4 moves.

    lol at hood fraud with his 20 fans saying hes good when the dumbass does 3 d3s in a row and can't even ias,lmao.

    laughing my ass off at his shang lmao.

    ok here's some MU info vs shang

    groundskulls trade till midscreen

    straight skulls trade everywhere

    upskulls are -30 on block,you gotta block a groundskull

    NJP the crossups

    getting to him is an obstacle course,his upskulls and gskulls are powerless when you get in,cgs is predictable,it's the same thing as jumping and getting anti aired.

    wish i could fight that idiot,i'd put him in his place.
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  9. Qwark28

    Qwark28 Jacks off to good voice acting

    also props on the deep jk followups.
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  10. M_TRICKZz

    M_TRICKZz Noob

    I try xD
  11. M_TRICKZz

    M_TRICKZz Noob

    Yea man I know, this was months ago, and I've greatly improved, I've everything down but the 22 stuff I don't like 22 unless its AA lol, learning to use that more atm. I was suppose to win alot of these matches lol, everytime he landed a JIP is because my 22 AA consistently got stuffed -_-. Thankx for Info!
  12. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior


    there goes my whole approach!
  13. NRF CharlieMurphy

    NRF CharlieMurphy Kindergarten Meta

    LOL.... If you have a clone up you can use it to approach.
    But it doesn't cover the air :(... and if you keep doing it... i'm gonna jump it. 2,2 has MORE range and you can HC the last 2 and the 4 into slide for good damage.... or into clone.

    don't get me wrong.... SZs d4 is a godlike tool. I mean.... most poking spots... he gets +lots compared to a d1 or a d3 :)
  14. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    ahaha, I do use clone to approach... but I D4 when I do! LOL

    always looking for that D4 into 212 I guess.

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