Video/Tutorial Countering Ares's Wake-Up Attacks - Tutorial by 4x4lo8o

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By 4x4lo8o on Sep 10, 2013 at 7:08 PM
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    4x4lo8o Noob

    Edit: As of v1.06 most of these set ups are significantly less effective due to Ares new wake up options

    I had a longer video with me talking and explaining everything and showing how you could do it on reaction but for some reason the audio disappeared multiple times so I cut it down to this.

    Basically how it works is that on a lot of knockdowns the opponent(as far as I know every single character in the cast can do this, not just WW) can go for a throw if Ares wakes up the opponent will recover from the throw fast enough to punish whatever wake up Ares does.

    If Ares Godsmacks you can jump out and full combo punish.
    If Ares teleports you can d1 or 1 for a combo punish.
    If Ares does Phase Shift(invisibility) the throw will get him but he can tech it.
    If Ares does fireball he'll get thrown and it will be untechable
    If Ares doesn't wake up he has to tech a throw.

    Basically this make it so that after any knockdown that leaves Ares on the ground next to his opponent he can't wake up and he has to tech a throw.

    There's also character specific set ups that are as good or better. Here's one for Nightwing that guarantees him d1 pressure in Staff Stance (which is good for him because he doesn't want to go for a throw since it changes stances and makes space).

    Here's one for Black Adam.


    Also, here's what Bane players call Aug tech. It doesn't blow up all Ares wake ups like the other set ups, but I was messing with it and had a recording so I figured I'd post it.

    Thanks to Eminent for helping me record these.

    Post anymore set ups if you know them. I think Joker and Lex both probably have some pretty nasty set ups to blow up Ares wake ups.
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Discussion in 'Ares' started by 4x4lo8o, Sep 10, 2013.

    1. InFlames
      Ares is the only character that has to respect oki.

    2. Doombawkz
      This made me giggle.
      This is really sad lol
    4. Vocket
      A question for you Ares mains. I know MB Godsmack has invulnerability and armor, but I still have beaten out when Ares is still in the ground with a meaty jump attack. Was it me mistiming it (I had to be Ares to force MB version) or is MB Godsmack safe until he is out of the ground
    5. haketh
      As a Bane player this makes me smile

      As a Ares palyer I just died inside
    6. Eminent
      You can blow him up no matter what he does, doesn't matter which character you're using. It's literally that bad.

      4x4lo8o Did you upload any of the stuff with Ares going up against Superman F23 Breath?
    7. WannabePlayer
      Someone front page this shit! (It's a guide so it's allowed)

      Hopefully people can take Ares more seriously after seeing this.
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    8. The Gabriel
      The Gabriel
      This is why I was always clamoring to change front facing teleport to a defensive back-up teleport. Ares has literally no good wakeup options, and his normally toughest matchups are able to exploit it the most, ie Flash. Ares can literally do nothing against Flash once he's knocked down.

      It has no invulnerability and 1 hit of armor. You can stuff it before he gets off the ground or with multiple hits before he finishes the attack.
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    9. WannabePlayer
      Also this goes without saying but dammit I'm saying it anyway!

      The point of a wakeup attack is to punish or escape pressure being dealt to you after a knockdown. This is evidence that Ares's wakeups don't work that way and just get him blown up even more than just standing there or tech rolling.
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    10. Vocket
      Well shit i thought it had invulnerability but its just that he jumps really high so some strings whiff. Ares has complete garbage wake ups then.
    11. _xFriction
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    12. SonicBoomBrad
      The sad thing is that if I'm in front of you after a knockdown, I can literally just NJ Splash and the hitbox is so big that it even connects if you teleport behind me. Poor Ares.
    13. usedcarsalesmang
      old tech, i've been using this on Infra forever

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    14. Grave__Intent
      There's still one wake Arese has he didn't cover!...hehe <evil grin>
    15. _xFriction
      always gotta spoil my fun huh?
    16. usedcarsalesmang
      not always, just when i feel like it
    17. 4x4lo8o
      What are you talking about? Far Godsmack?

      Some characters can punish that too, but in some cases it's his best option

      Ares has wake up invincibility on GS, but it's only a few frames. There's a window when you can hit him out after invinciility is gone and before the armor kicks in

      That's gonna be it's own thread in a day or two

      I doubt the God of War enjoys being giggled at
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    18. 4x4lo8o
    19. JagoBlakeFGC
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    20. 4x4lo8o
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    21. JagoBlakeFGC

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    22. Astrocytic
      4x4lo8o This is really good, but at the same time depressing.

      You really should put up his teleport problem with forward-advancing strings.

      Example: Green Lantern's b13. To anyone who doesn't know: If you wake up with a teleport while a forward-advancing string is active, you reappear right in front of them and the string hits for a full combo.


      InFlames WannabePlayer
    23. webreg
      Ares is awesome for newbies. You don't even have to learn wakeup attacks. :p
    24. 4x4lo8o
      lololol, like this?

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