Connection test sites? - Odd results. Could use some advice.

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    My connection a tested by a local server -


    TLDR: What are other ways to test my upload and connection quality in general?

    The issue here is I should be getting 20 +/- on the upload. I called my provider (Spectrum/TWC) and asked them to test and see what was going on, etc, and they claim when they test the connection they are getting like 360/20.4, but I cant duplicate that upload result.. When I do the above test to servers in, say, New York, I get roughly the same download with around 40 ping, but the upload TANKS, sitting barely over 1.0, and the above listed upload is actually about DOUBLE what its been pulling all morning, usually sitting around 1-3. I dont understand why Spectrum is claiming a solid and steady 20 on the upload, but I cant seem to duplicate it on my end. Could this be some bottleneck/setting/fuckery on my PC itself? Am I just reading too much in to this?>

    Now, I know that for gaming this connection is overkill, But I have a few extra bucks to throw at a connection I should theoretically never have to worry about. I dont watch TV, nor own one, nor allow one in my house, so the connection sometimes has to bare the weight of myself, my GF and my niece kerfoodling about on it.. which is why I have the damn thing, but in my experience the heavier the connection is used, the worse the upload gets. It gets bad enough, I cant play online.

    So,.... yeah. How can I reliably test this, and IF the modem is functioning properly and *it* is pulling a 20 on the upload, but my PC isnt, what on my end of things could cause this?

    Running Windows 10, hardwired to the modem. The modem is a modem/router combination. Apparently by a company called Ubee. Its the only option they had from the provider that supports the speed I pay for.


    A quick update. Minutes after posting this I got these results:


    So.. Fuck if I know. Maybe it got over itself.

    I'd still like any opinions and additional means of testing though.


    Results to a server in New York.

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