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Discussion in 'Kabal' started by CptXecution, Jun 14, 2012.

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    Ever since MK9 has been released there's only been ONE MK competitor to place in the top 3 at every tournament he's attended. The streak is by far the most impressive in the short history of MK9 and will probably never be duplicated. This competitor is REO, and deserves this streak to be recognized. Not only has he placed in the top 3 of every tournament he's been to, he's done it with a variety of characters as well.

    Power Up 2011 - 3rd (Kabal, CSZ)
    East Coast Throwdown 3 - 3rd (Johnny Cage, Reptile)
    Evolution 2011 - 2nd (Mileena)
    MLG Raleigh 2011 - 1st (Kung Lao)
    Salty Battles III - 1st (Mileena)
    New Challengers X - 3rd (Kung Lao, Sektor)
    Devastation - 1st (Kabal)
    Seasons Beatings: Velocity - 2nd (Kabal)
    North Eastern Championship XII - 3rd (Kabal)
    APEX 2012 - 3rd (Kabal)
    Revolution X - 2nd (Kabal)
    Winter Brawl 6 - 2nd (Kabal)
    Final Round XV - 1st (Kabal, Johnny Cage)
    MLG Columbus 2012 - 2nd (Kabal, Johnny Cage)
    Flawless Victory - 2nd (Kabal, Kung Lao, CSZ)
    Toryuken - 1st (Kabal)
    On the Edge II - 1st (Kabal)
    MLG Anaheim - 9th (Kabal)

    17 Straight Tournaments in Top 3

    With that said, congratulations to you REO, you deserve all the support and fans you get. And to anyone who thinks he's fallen off because of one tournament, you're in for a rude awakening come EVO.

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  2. I don't think anyone is stupid enough to believe he is no competition because of this one tournament. And if they do they belong on a half loaf wearing a helmet. People are probably just trolling the guy, cause he trolls. But as a big fan of fighting games, and MK I have noticed he is defiantly the most consistent winner. Kudos to REO
  3. After reading the "So, Team USA" thread, LETHAL LEGEND and Extortioner need to get a reality check. REO is one of the best if not the best player in our Community. Congrats to Reo on being the best, and i hope you spit at your haters when your holding up that Evo trophy.
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  4. Mattman

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    Damn I knew REO was beast but I had no idea his body of work was this impressive. A little too impressive if you ask me. I'm not saying he has ever used any kind of performance enhancing drug, but I wonder if he takes some kind of steroid that would improve his ability to play video games. a REO steroid scandal would polarize the MK community even more than Kabals banishment from tournament play. Wait, REO plays Kabal. I'm on to something here...

    ...nah I'm kidding congrats on your success REO
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  5. Johnny2d

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    Now this... THIS IS A BODY OF WORK> This is truly inspiring.
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  6. Relaxedstate

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    You forgot toryouken 1st place
  7. Nuovo_Cabjoy

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    This site needs a good purge.
  8. Prinz

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    Great player. Still hatin' on him for the U3 nerf.
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  9. HGTV DrFlash44

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    Lol did he really pull out csz at flawless victory? I gotta find this.
  10. CptXecution

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    Hidden cursor random select...he said he had accepted his defeat at that point.


    I believe he won the Empire Arcadia tournament shortly after Power Up 2011 also.

    Fuckin block infinite and ice trap scrub. ONLY 2 BARS?! :p
  12. CptXecution

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    If I am missing anything guys please let me know.
  13. Death

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    wow thats so impressive.
  14. Enenra

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    Of members like you?

    What's the problem, we are congratulating a great player on his achievements.
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    Say, now you mention this streak Cpt, I'm kinda disappointed 16bit didn't celebrate ending it with the signature Undertaker cut-throat pose he did at Evo.. :(
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  16. In my personal life, I'm a professional who seemingly has it all. What most don't know, I would do anything to have a resume like REO's!

    Congrats! You'll always be 'that dude'!
  17. HGTV DrFlash44

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    lol now I really got to see this does anyone have a link?
  18. Nuovo_Cabjoy

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    Sure, I'm not so much of an active community member. Reo deserves congratulations and I completely agree with that. I just keep seeing bipolar opinions in the threads about people pointlessly questioning Reo's credibility just because of MLG. I'm sure Reo knows he's a great player, and he'll continue to place if he continues to play. My only beef is that it's like groundhog day whenever I log into the site.
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  19. Enenra

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    Nice extrapolation good sir :)
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  20. Nuovo_Cabjoy

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    I'll admit I made myself look like a dick at first, so apologies. Less community politics, more learning the game I say. :p
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  21. Zoidberg747

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    Good luck At CEO REO.

    That looks strange but fuck it.
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  22. Chaosphere

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    REO is the guy we all want to be. Nobody actually believes otherwise. They just can't handle the guilt of NOT being REO so they hide it with insults. We all know the truth though.
  23. THTB

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    That record looks hella pretty.
  24. DownfouralitY

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    Absolutely amazing run by REO.. Fucking idiots who don't even automatically put him in the 4v4, get the fuck out. He's the best Kabal in the world, and still a top 3 player.

    Awesome job REO, now go get 1st at CEO!

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