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Congratulations To Filipino Man


That's about right.
I was more impressed by Filipino Man than anyone else. He has leveled up so quickly and he is putting on a fantastic show.


Kono Dio Da
How is no one rushing this thread with props? Filipino man easily had the best matches. His match with PPJ was one of the best. The one with Dream Sword was dope as well. I actually want Filipino man to win the tournament.
I know. That clutch last minute win was too amazing. Same with that last second win against the Raven player who's name I forgot. I'm rooting for him to win this whole thing.


Filthy Casual
Definite props are in order. @Filipino Man had a tremendous tournament across several games but, naturally, I was most hyped to see his Wonder Woman. His Insta-air Demigoddess and Insta Air Dash mixups were awesome!
I was rooting for you man. It was awesome to see you giggling like a school girl as you styled and clutched your way into top 8 lol.

Congrats for making top 8.


Nightwing In Retirement
Anton is the best.

It's a shame that he had to play Theo in top 8 first, but it has to happen eventually. He also has about 0 Flash experience so props to him for coming so close to beating Honeybee.


Mouth of the Illuminati
Congrats @Filipino Man. I always thought you were a great player. Your play was awesome and you definitely deserved it.

Your character still sucks.