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General/Other Congrats Denzel Terry!!!


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I dont know why there arent that many replies here, but Denzel was definately the hype of the tournament. Congrats my dude. :) He did what no other sub-zero has done before and that honestly is a big accomplishment.
Tom Brady made it to GF with JUST SZ at Power Up and CEO?

Huge props to Denzell and overcoming A LOT this weekend. I don't need to list it we all know what it is. Good for you bro...I hope to get that mirror match as well with you come EVO.

SZ mirror match mini tournament?

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I believe that Denzell is the only SZ player to make 2nd place at a major after the latest patch
(or really, any patch, if im not mistaken).


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I think they are streaming live fights. Is there any single vid of Pl vs Denzel?
WOW only 2 pages on a sub player who beats 1 of the best lao's in the world, one of the best cages in the world, the best sonya's in the world, and he did it all in the same tournament WITH SUB ZERO. No Sub Zero player has ever accomplished this with sub zero after patch 1.05, and I seriously doubt any other will get even close to what DJT did in this tournament. Congrats on your victories bro, you inspired me with them.
for sure mad props to Denzel as this was a GREAT performance. one of the most cool guys to chill with, good job and much respect.
And mad props to you Tom Brady. That was the best commentary I've ever heard, definitely one of the best commentators out there, if not THE best. Props to juicebox as well, and others who commentated. I don't know how you guys manage to have so much energy after hours upon hours, truly amazing. :)

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Shoryuken.... I think i'm just stunned. He played flawlessly all weekend. Did you drop SZ? Or just feel the MU were not in your favor with him?
Actually... fucking everyone did.
Denzell was on point... and honestly I have no problem saying that he will wreck EVO. I'm glad they streamed almost every single one of his matches ... There is plenty for us simpletons to look at and learn from.
Most important thing is that DJT is always freaking smiling... knowing he's good. damn.
Shoryuken Did you drop SZ? Or just feel the MU were not in your favor with him?
I still use him, its just the match ups I had to play seemed better if I went Liu. 1st match was red reeper's sector, 2nd match was cat's kabal, 3rd match was reo's kabal, 4th match was emperor's skarlett, 5th match was cdjr's jax. The only match that I should of rocked subby in was against cdjr's jax, the other ones I think I made the right choice.