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Comprehensive Jade Changes Wishlist


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  1. Current High Risk No Reward balanced out so that Jade doesn't feel like a struggle to play
  2. Hitbox and whiff issues fixed on staff moves and FB launcher / wakeup mid
  3. Moveset adjusted to be on par with the rest of the cast.
  4. Glow no longer suicide to use / make zoning NOT bypass it
Emerald Defender
Low Spark gains pushback on block
Anti-air upglaive tracks opponents above a certain height so it's actually useful with its 20+ frame startup

Pole Vault hitbox adjusted: no longer lowprofiled

Assassin normals made useful
Vanishing Winds replaced by Delia's Dance or turned into an actual teleport on par with other teleports in the game
Reflect replaced by a useful move, preferably returned to Glow


1 2 3 drink
You should consider a job in politics. The way you campaign for buffs for an A+ teir character, that same energy could make you president by like the 2030's
Be carefull for critique, cause he will ignore you and also call u scrub and tell you you never go in the lab. :D


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1. bf2 animation fixed to not have a random no-hitbox pole coming out so you think the move is not finished in order to miss the punish, and make it suck in the opponent at the last hit so he is literally point blank every time he blocks it at any range so he can full combo punish.

2. df4 mb = high to get rid of the 50-50 mb kick spam so you don't have to guess the punish

3. df4 and df4mb suck the opponent in on block point blank so no random pushback where half the cast can't punish the spam and get d2ed