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Complete Guide to Interactables


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This is something that I am going to be working on for a long time. It will go over punishing interactables as well as how to use them intelligently. Any community help is appreciated so if you have ideas/suggestions, post in this thread and I will check them out. You can also request certain interactables that are giving you trouble, and I will prioritize.

Note: I do not promise a solution to every interactable in the game. Some of them are really good, and I can do nothing to change that. I will do the best I can.

Interactables Information
This is a chart I put together covering the basics of every interactable in the game. Couple of notes:
1. If a cell is blank on the gadget/acrobat+gadget only, that means it has the same property as the power character's above(If they were exactly the same I just left it out, for obvious reasons).​
2. For gadget character bomb moves I tried to only do the ones with some irregular property(i.e. more range than normal, unlimited uses etc.) most of them have the same properties.​
3. There are over 12o interactables in the game. I may have messed up, if I did let me know and I will fix immediately.​
Anyway here it is(organized by stages starting in top left hand corner):​
Stage: What stage it is on​
Range: Where it can hit you from(i.e range)​
Respawn: Whether it respawns or not​
Respawn time: How long it takes to respawn​
Damage: Amount of damage it takes(or if it starts a combo i.e launcher)​
Meter Burn: Whether it can be Meter Burned or not(MB usually gives it armor, sometimes makes the animation faster etc.)​
Tracking: Whether it is on a fixed path or will be thrown based on your location(when it starts tracking differs on some, but most start when the throw animation starts)​
Punishing Interactables
This is something a lot of people have been struggling with in this forum. I really am going to try and find some punishes so some of you will stop complaining, and overall to help everyone out. Just to make things easier for myself I am going to seperate between power, gadget, and acrobatic characters using the interactables. I will go in the order of the stages starting from the top lefthand corner. I am trying to find universal punishment options for now, but if you want character specific stuff PM me and I may be able to help out.
Note: These punishes are mainly based on your positioning, so it is important to practice these to know exactly how to dodge them. This is just listing all the possible things you can do, just realize that some are spacing dependent(Especially MB B3/F3 since each character's has a different range)​
Power Characters
Note: MB B3/F3 punishes will still damage you, but leave you in position for free pressure or full combo.​
Note 2: If you duck before jumping, this somehow makes you jump higher. Makes it easier to jump some things.​
Batcave(Crime Lab)​
Batmobile Rockets: Can MB B3/F3 through them(B3 will go into stage transition), Can also get a free jump in​
Generator: Can backdash on reaction​
Barrels: Can dash on reaction​
Insurgency(Command Center)​
Screens: Can MB B3/F3 or Dash on reaction​
Pipe: Dash under or space it out(have to read it usually)​
Electric Motor: Can MB B3/F3​
Insurgency(Luthor's Lab)​
Light fixtures: Can MB M3/F3 or dash under​
Laser: Dash under, MB B3/F3​
Armor Suit: MB B3/F3(B3 will go into stage transition)​
Brain Canister: MB B3/F3​
Ferris Aircraft​
Big Missile: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Toolbox: Duck, Jump, MB B3/F3​
Gas Canisters: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Corner Missile: Dash Forward, MB B3/F3​
Ram: Dash Forward, Duck, MB B3/F3​
Gotham City(roof)​
Watertower: Dash Forward, MB B3/F3​
Vent: Dash, MB B3/F3​
Bat Signal: Dash forward MB B3/F3​
Gotham City(Alley)​
Fire Hydrant: MB B3/F3​
Neon Sign: Dash Forward, MB B3/F3​
Dumpster: MB B3/F3​
Gas Truck: MB B3/F3​
Globe: Jump backwards or forwards, MB B3/F3​
Ship Thrusters: MB B3/F3​
Drones: Walk forward one step then dash forward, MB B3/F3​
Computer Console: MB B3/F3​
Ship Thruster: MB B3/F3​
Laser: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Crystal: Dash Forward, Jump, MB B3/F3​
Ship: Backdash, Jump, MB B3/F3​
Bug Cage: Dash forward/backward, Jump forward/backward, MB B3/F3​
Starfish: Backdash, Jump Backward, MB B3/F3​
Teleporter: Backdash, MB B3/F3​
Lion Head: Dash, Jump, MB B3/F3​
Bowl of Fire: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Tree: Dash forward, MB B3/F3​
Bag of barrels: Dash forward, MB B3/F3​
Barrels: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Cannon: Mb B3/F3​
Stryker's Island(Cell Block)​
Robot: MB B3/F3​
Cryo Chamber: MB B3/F3​
Robot Soldier: MB B3/F3​
Machine Gun: Backdash, MB B3/F3​
Stryker's Island(Yard)​
Weights/Rainbow Thing: MB B3/F3​
Explosive Barrels: MB B3/F3, Dash​
Drones: MB B3/F3(Tracking is definitely broken)​
Electrical Wire: Jump forward, MB B3/F3​
Car: Backdash, Jump back, MB B3/F3​
Airplane Tail: MB B3/F3​
Car: MB B3/F3​
Hover Car: Dash forward, MB B3/F3​
Arkham Asylum(Cell)​
TVs: Dash forward, MB B3/F3​
Ice Pipe: MB B3/F3​
Flower: Dash forward, Jump, MB B3/F3​
Metal Bed: MB B3/F3​
Arkham Asylum(Mess Hall)​
Mask: Forward Dash, MB B3/F3​
Pig: NOTHING CAN STOP THE PIG(Except MB B3/F3 or good spacing)​
Grill: MB B3/F3​
Chandelier: MB B3/F3(Hitbox is HUGE)​
Hall of Justice(Plaza)​
Roomba: MB B3/F3​
Statue: MB B3/F3, Dash Forward​
Guard Statue: MB B3/F3​
Corner Robot: Dont be in grab range​
Hall of Justice(Hall)​
Teleporter: N/A(Fullscreen attacks work if you have them)​
Planet: Dash forward/back, MB B3/F3​
Rocket: Back/Forward dash, jump back/forward, MB B3/F3​
Corner Ship: MB B3/F3​
Wayne Manor(Entrance)​
Motorcycle: Dash forward/back, MB B3/F3​
Car: Dash forward, MB B3/F3​
Wayne Manor(Dining room)​
Piano: Dash Forward/back, MB B3/F3​
Samurai/Knight suit: MB B3/F3, Dash forward​
Chair: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Chandelier: Dash forward, MB B3/F3​
Tablet/Globe: Jump back, Dash forward/back, MB B3/F3​
Walls of water: MB B3/F3​
Gadget Characters
Note: Will only cover ones different from Power​
Note 2: All bomb interactables(Down+Interactable), Can usually be beaten by back dashing or jumping back​
Batcave(Crime Lab)​
Grenades: Hit them somehow​
Generator: Dash forward/back, Jump backward, MB B3/F3​
Barrels: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Insurgency(Command center)​
Screens: Dash forward/back, Jump back, MB B3/F3​
Brain lasers: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Ferris Aircraft​
Big Missile: Dash forward/back, Jump, MB B3/F3​
Toolbox: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Gas Canisters: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Corner Missiles: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Gotham City(Roof)​
Watertower: Dash forward, MB B3/F3​
Gotham City(Alley)​
Neon Sign: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Fire Hydrant: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Dumpster: Jump Back, MB B3/F3​
Gas Truck: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Thruster: MB B3/F3​
Laser: MB B3/F3​
Fortress of Solitude(Menagerie)​
Bug Cage: Dash forward/back, Jump back, MB B3/F3​
Teleporter: Dash back, MB B3/F3​
Lion Head: MB B3/F3​
Tree: Dont be in throw range, or MB B3/F3​
Ashes: Dash forward, MB B3/F3​
Bag of Barrels(Dont be under the bag when he cuts the string)​
Cannon: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Barrels: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Striker's Island(Cell Block)​
Machine Gun: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Robot Soldier's Gun: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Striker's Island(Yard)​
Barrels: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Robots: Dash forward, MB B3/F3​
Car: Dash forward/back, MB B3/F3, Jump​
Plane tail: MB B3/F3​
RPG: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Hover car: Dash forward/back, Jump, MB B3/F3​
Arkham Asylum(Cell Block)​
TVs: Jump, MB B3/F3, Jump​
Flower: Backdash, Jump back, MB B3/F3​
Hall of Justice(Plaza)​
Roomba: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Statue: Backdash, MB B3/F3​
Hall of Justice(Hall)​
Planet: Jump, Forward/Back dash, MB B3/F3​
Wayne Manor(Yard)​
Motorcycle: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Wayne Manor(Dining Room)​
Piano: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Chair: Jump, MB B3/F3​
Water valves: Duck, Jump, MB B3/F3​
Acrobat Characters
Divekicks: Can be punished by any move that is 7 frames or faster​
Using Interactables
Now that you know that most interactables can be punished, these are some effective ways you can still use them safely to grant you the most advantages.
Power Characters
Interactables for power characters can be split into 4 different categories:​
Throwable interactables
Throwable interactables are the most common in the game, for Power characters at least. There is one on at least every stage, and they can be a deciding factor in the match. So when looking to use a throwable interactable, you need to consider the following:​
1. What is its range?​
2. How punishable is it?​
3. Does it track?​
4. What am I getting from it?​
Taking all these things into account there are definitely times to use and not use interactables. For instance, if your opponent is very close and has a way to punish the interactable, using it is a bad idea. However, if your opponent whiffs an attack that forces them to defend against it, it is more effective. You can also use it to give unscalable damage at the end of a combo. And if you get caught in a corner, you can also MB an interactable to guarantee an escape and free damage, BUT they could armor MB B3/F3 for a full combo back.​
There are also mind games that the throwables can create. For instance, if you know that the object must be jumped, you can throw it and wait for them to jump. When they jump you can either punish them for a full combo(not all characters can do this) or at the very least dash forward/backward depending on where you want to be. You can also throw them just to make sure your opponent doesnt, but make sure you are safe when doing it and that it won't just respawn.​
Launching Interactables
Launching interactables are ones that will give you a full combo when using. There are very few for power characters(Ice pipe for example), but there are still a lot of uses for them.​
The launching interactables are all about spacing. You have to know where your opponent needs to be to hit them, and you need to somehow get them there. An easy way to do this could be zoning, or pushing them toward the interactable with good spacing. You can also retreat and see if they follow you to the corner. These interactables are fairly straight forward, hit one and you have a free combo. You just need to be sure that it will hit and be wary of armor.​
There are also a few interactables that act as throws(Tree on Themy., Patient Bed on Arkham, Console on watchtower). These are also fairly straight forward. If you are cornered by your opponent and they do anything unsafe, you can throw them to get damage and either push them back or corner them. The only problem with these are they do not have armor and have very small range, and a whiffed throw can have disastrous consequences. And in reality, it is probably better to use a regular throw to corner your opponent instead of just pushing them back.​
This is sort of everything that is not covered in the above sections. Most of these you just kind of have to know what they do. Just to give some examples, The ram on Ferris can be good for catching dashes, the water walls on Atlantis can punish anything, The Batmobile rockets can force jump ins. You can also use some to add to your spacing, by forcing your opponent to move backward/forward or jump.​
If you really want help with one particular interactable you can ask in the thread, otherwise I would like to leave it up to you all to figure out the best uses for each individual one :)
Gadget Characters
The gadget characters have a much more diverse set of interactables, and as such it is impossible for me to cover them all. Nevertheless, they can be seperated into seperate categories:​
Gadget characters can place bombs on many interactables(any that you bounce off of), and this leads to some great setups. They can be good but must be used wisely. Bouncing off right into your opponents arms is a pretty bad idea. The BEST way to use these is to end combos, because it grants you 18% damage every time. Just learn how to change up your combos to land them next to the interactable and set the bomb.​
However, if you are smart there are some other uses. First off, with certain characters(Catwoman for example), a naked bomb will lead to a full combo. Even without the combo, it is 18% damage which is 1/5th of a life bar. These have to be setup carefully, as they can be easily interrupted and punished. One good tactic is to leave yourself at favorable frame advantage(either through your own moves or by blocking the opponent's) and then doing the bomb. This makes it hard to react to. You can also stand by a potential bomb site and wait for your opponent to dash in. As soon as they dash you can do the bomb, and the dash recovery makes it much harder to escape.​
Although they do not have nearly as many as power characters, the gadget characters do have a few things they can throw. To see how to use these effectively, read about the throwables in the Power Characters section(above)​
Note: Do keep in mind that the properties of some of these moves change when thrown by gadget characters. Be sure to check out the Interactables Information in the OP to learn how they change.​
Corner Interactables
Gadget characters have a lot of interactables in the corner that can be used to push opponents back. Things like the missiles in Ferris, water valves in Atlantis, or fire hydrant in Arkham can be used to make your opponent think twice about cornering you. There are a few things to remember when dealing with these types of interactables:​
1. Most can be jumped​
2. Most can be meter burned(armor)​
3. Most can be armored through for a full combo​
These interactables are very difficult to use by themselves as your opponents are likely trying to smother you in the corner. If you have meter the MB is a great option. However, if you do not have meter or do not want to spend it you must have great defense. For example, if your opponent does a string that you know is not safe, you can use a poke to establish hit advantage and then go for the interactable. You can also catch forward dashes if they try to dash in.​
Launching Interactables
The gadget characters have interactables that launch much like the power characters. They work largely the same way, although there are more of them for gadgets(Robots on Metropolis, Brain Lasers on Insurgency). They often differ on properties, as the Brain Lasers track while the robots do not. The main thing is to learn the ranges, learn how safe they are and learn followups after they hit.​
Mobility Interactables
Gadget characters also have the unique ability to have use certain interactables as escape routes(i.e the water pipe on Atlantis, or chandeliers). The main thing to realize about these is that they are very punishable and easily interruptable. They are also not effective if you want to stay in on your opponent(Duh), but for zoners they can greatly increase the effectiveness of your zoning game. The main time to use them is after a knockdown, as most wakeups do not reach that high above the character. You can also do them after a whiffed move(just make sure it has a long recovery) or after you yourself are at significant frame advantage.​
Like the power characters the gadget characters do have a few interactables that do not fit the groups above. A few examples are the flower on arkham, the pig on arkham, or the Lion's Heads on Themyscira. These interactables each have their uses, and instead of me outlining every one it would most likely be better for you all to test them out and find out the best use for you.​
Like I said above if you really cannot think of anything tag me in the thread, but going over each one individually would be a lot of time since some have multiple uses.​
Acrobatic Characters
Obviously all these guys have is the divekicks. And not to be a downer, but the divekicks kinda suck. They can be punished with any move 7 frames or faster, so getting them blocked could mean a full combo. My best advice to using them is faking a jump in to try and bait an AA, and then using the divekick. Or using them on knockdown to keep the opponent honest. Not going to lie though, did not find too many uses for them.​
If you have any questions/uses that I didnt cover, please post them in the thread and I will update ASAP :)
Although there is a lot of info in here, you need more than just reading this thread to be ready to compete. The best thing you can do is hit the lab and just play the game. If someone keeps hitting you with a certain interactable, hit the lab until you are ready for it the next time. This guide does not replace practicing unfortunately :)
Special thanks to 4x4lo8o for his help. I got a lot of this from his data so he definitely deserves a lot of credit.​
If you have any questions/suggestions please ask. I am human and most likely made mistakes, but would be happy to correct them.​

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If timed properly can't every backdash (or at least all the characters) back dash interactables? I swear I've backdashed the pig on a handful occasions. Amongst others. If not, oh well. Good work!


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If timed properly can't every backdash (or at least all the characters) back dash interactables? I swear I've backdashed the pig on a handful occasions. Amongst others. If not, oh well. Good work!
Depends on the hitboxes and positioning. If one character can backdash it they all can(I think).


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I main Batman & I read this post from Mayo showing how you can backdash some of them. It has to be timed perfect though. He had a video for it too. I was able to do in practice mode, but I wouldn't try it online.
Depends on the hitboxes and positioning. If one character can backdash it they all can(I think).
It depends on the hitboxes of the interactables, their active frames, the invincibility frames of the character`s backdash, and positioning. Set the A.I. in very hard, and you will see that the CPU will almost everytime try to dodge interactables using invincibility frames, but even with perfect timing, some of them will still catch the opponent. In some cases, the angle of the interactable throw might also be a factor (like in Watchtower, for example)
Thanks for your work, Zoidberg!!!


Hey, I've been working on something similar to this for a couple weeks. When I get home later I'll show you what I've got, we can collaborate.
It's taking a lot more work than I thought, and turning into a real grind. With another person it'd go a lot faster


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If timed properly can't every backdash (or at least all the characters) back dash interactables? I swear I've backdashed the pig on a handful occasions. Amongst others. If not, oh well. Good work!
Some, not all, and some characters can't, but most can. You can actually technically Backdash the Car too. (I have accidentally backdashed the pig before as well, so it is possible to do)

So if I cared enough to really practice it, I would practice Back dashing the shit before MB cancelling through things, especially the really big damaging ones.

Unless you 100% know you will punish them for more damage then you are gonna take from MB Cancelling to get at them, you are not only losing life in a game where you only have 2 health bars and no rounds to replen them, you are also losing a bar of meter.

the crappiest thing about backdashing them is it moves you further away, so all the work you did closing space is gone.


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Hey, I've been working on something similar to this for a couple weeks. When I get home later I'll show you what I've got, we can collaborate.
It's taking a lot more work than I thought, and turning into a real grind. With another person it'd go a lot faster
Seriously? That is awesome. Definitely do that and we can divide it up.

I have to admit, I was kind of cringing at the thought of doing it all myself.


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Seriously? That is awesome. Definitely do that and we can divide it up.

I have to admit, I was kind of cringing at the thought of doing it all myself.
One thing I think you should do for your guide, is put the damage values of each interactable, if it respawns, how long it takes to respawn, blast radius, stuff like that.

It's important to know which ones you should try Back dash, and which ones you should just go for the MB cancel


My blades will find your heart
One thing I think you should do for your guide, is put the damage values of each interactable, if it respawns, how long it takes to respawn, blast radius, stuff like that.

It's important to know which ones you should try Back dash, and which ones you should just go for the MB cancel
I like that idea, may be too much work to do all of it. Could add all of it in later after i'm done with barebones stuff.


How to punish Interactables:

Meter Burn Forward or Back 3 everything.
That's wrong though. Some recover fast enough that at most distance you can't get a punish that way and if you are close enough to get the punish than you're also close enough to get a punish without the mb b3.

Plus there's just situations where you want to have other options


It is just me, or does it seems that some interactibles in this game have a tracking propriety?
Depends on what you mean by tracking... Nothing like actually changing direction after being thrown to follow you(at least not that I've seen), but the angle the interactable is thrown at changes based on where the opponent is at, and the moment when the angle is chosen is inconsistent between interactables. For some it seems to lock in very shortly after the interactable button is pressed, for others it seems to wait until the last moment it's thrown. There's also other factors, like speed of the interactable and amount of active, that vary between interactables and make it hard to pin down a consistent strategy for dealing with them. What it comes down to is that you have to spend a lot of time and learn how to deal with each interactable individually.


Alright, so here's an example of what I was doing for every stage. I'm only a small way through, and this isn't edited or necessarily how I was planning on releasing it(it was originally just for my own use and I'm undecided on the format and how I want to describe certain stuff. I'm not sure if 'tracking' is the term I want to use for example). I also haven't gone through and double checked anything I've written yet

Corner Glass (power characters) -22%, unblockable
range – point blank to 2/3 screen
no tracking
impossible to back dash
slow recovery
can be MB'd for armor

Water travels most of the way across the screen(if you're behind the base of the globe/table you're safe) and is unavoidable unless you're already near the edge of its range. Very fast start up so it's hard to stuff or escape on reaction and has too many active frames to back dash. Active frames do end before the water is gone but are long enough that you can avoid the initial wave but move in in and get hit if you're too eager rush in.
The recovery is very long and most characters can punish with a jump in from near the full range of the water for a full coner combo punish after armoring through the wave(once it hits your armor the active frames are over, even if there's still water on the screen. If you're using mb b3, dash cancel and go in for your punish immediately after the wave hits you). If you're full screen and the wave whiffs, punish with a projectile.

Tablet(power characters) – 20%, unblockable
range – point blank to near full screen
light tracking
easy back dash
fast recovery
can be MB'd for armor

This one is avoidable at all times. It hits from poin blank to near fullscreen, but has limited tracking and travels fairly slow. You have to be completely full screen to avoid it by standing/walking back, but from half screen or farther it can be avoided by jumping back. At close range it can be stuffed by a jump in or forward advancing string and can be forward dashed under for a punish. It's also back dashable by any character in the game and can be stuffed by projectiles. You can armor through but it recovers fast enough that it can be difficult to get the punish, and they recover the second they touch the ground so you only get an air juggle.
If they MB it you can't stuff it with a jump in or projectile, but you can still dash under and punish and some forward advancing string will hit the armor, avoid the interactable, then hit again when the armors gone.

Globe(power characters) – 20% unblockable
range – full screen
heavy tracking
difficult back dash
moderate recovery
can be MB'd for armor

The start up on this one is a little slow, but it moves very quickly and has strong tracking once it's thrown. It hits point blank and from more than about 1/3 screen it's almost impossible to avoid. It can't be backdashed by characters with short dashes. It's difficult to stuff with projectiles because they jump so high in the air while throwing it. They recover the second they hit the ground, so all punishes will be air juggles. It can be MB'd, giving it multiple hits of armor and making it essentially un-stuffable
Your best bet is to jump in and stuff it. If you're in range of the jump this should be reasonable to do on reaction. The tracking also gets slightly worse as you approach, so if you're close enough you can dash in and punish as he lands. You can armor through and punish as they land, but recovery is fast enough that most characters can't punish from more than half screen. If you're more than half screen you may have to attempt to back dash it or take the hit. It may be impossible for some characters to avoid the damage at this range. You can armor it to avoid the knockdown and get in, but you're going to take the damage and not get a punish. The best thing you can do is make sure you're in range to jump in and stuff it if they go for it.
If they MB your options are take the hit, armor through to avoid the knockdown, armor through and punish, or dash under. The last two are range and character dependent.
If you're closer up and trying to back dash you want to time it so you're invincibile during it's active frames. If you're farther away the angle changes and

Tablet/Globe (gadget/acrobat) – 18% unblockable, launches
Character jumps and travels about half screen, then falls straight down. Recovers immediately upon landing. Doesn't appear to have any invincibility frames. Can be stuffed during start up, air to air'd, or anti air'd. Be careful jumping in to aa, you can get hit by the bomb

Bomb detonates right after jumping. Launches, but generally doesn't result in much of a combo because of the distance it puts the opponent at. Short range, roughly indicated by the circle in the tile under it. Can be dashed, back dashed, or jumped away from on reaction.

Valve (gadget/acrobat) – 16%, unblockable, reusable, 5 second recharge
can be MB'd for armor
Similar to a power character breaking the glass, but it has slightly less range and can be jumped/crouched. Crouching is character and distant dependent. The hitbox gets larger as it travels, so the closer you are the easier it is to crouch under. Some character can crouch under the whole thing, some can't crouch at all. The active frames last long than a jump, so don't try that unless you have a high jump and are jumping out. Active frames are too long to back dash, unless you're moving out of range. Start up is fast, but can be stuffed if you're in range and react quickly(or are already trying to pressure)
If you crouch it you can full corner combo punish, but the timing is somewhat tight and there aren't a lot of visual cues making it obvious when to stand up and attack. You don't want to stand up to soon and get hit by the water, but if you wait too long you'll miss the punish. If you use armor the active frames end immediately and you have a much larger window to punish. The recovery isn't quite as long as a power character breaking the glass, so you might not be guaranteed a jump in or a punish at full range.
The valve can be MB for multiple hits of armor, so be aware of that while pressuring in the corner. It has many hits of armor, so don't count on stuffing it. If MB'd the armor goes away after the water starts coming out, so it can still be crouched/armor'd and punished
Note that if a power character breaks the glass it doesn't prevent the valve from being used.

Water Pipe (gadget/acrobat) – reusuable
Character can jump up and slide across the pipe, traveling about half screen. Will go over most projectiles and attacks and recovers as soon as touching the ground. Has some invincibility frames in the middle of the slide. Can be stuffed on start up, air to air'd, or anti air'd

Throne Z-bounce (all) – 7%, high, launches, reusable, 3 second recharge


They need to make stance switch dodge interactables. A little side step! That would be awesome 8)
And some characters should have better stance switches than others, with more active interactable-dodging frames and faster recoveries. Superman should have the best stance switch