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Chernyy Volks Black Lightning BnB's

Chernyy Volk

Wolf lord, footsie bully, chronic corner abuser.
Cause fuck Raiden. Premiere skin boiz.

I've got some pretty effective, mostly universal off launcher BnB's and thought I'd share.

Any string on hit should end in Superman if you have no meter. B1 starter is the test group for these combos since it confirms into all EX launchers. It's late at the time I'm typing this so, I will update with damage later. For now, this is the stuff I've found thus far that seems to hit the practical/optimal balance. I only do up to two bar combos because spending the meter otherwise competitively is generally pretty inefficient. I'll need to do more research into meterless traited up midscreen combos, I'll add those later.

Some facts about Black Lightning/Raiden's combo logic
1: Max damage starter is 21d3.
2: His f3 and b1 50/50 is heavily skewed damage wise toward the f3.
3: Highest corner meterless damage off a 50/50 in the whole game
4: When traited up, you have to do 11 instead of 112 to do EX launcher combos. The way trait effects the 2 fucks up your scaling and gravity.

Meterless/One Bar BnB's.

3f3: f2, f123~bf3
21u3: f2, f123~bf3
D2 starter: 21, f123~bf3
Jump 3: f2, f123~bf3
Jump 3 one bar: f21~df2(MB), f123~bf3
f3: j3, f123~bf3
b3: forward dash, 3~db2, f123~bf3
One bar f3: j3, f12~df2(MB), f123~bf3
One bar b3: forward dash, 3~db2(MB), j3, f123~bf3
One bar b3 trait conversion: forward dash, 3~db2(MB), d2~4, f21~bf3
MB df2 start: 21, f123~bf3
MB db1 start: b3, forward dash, 3~db2, f123~bf3
MB db2 start: b3, j3, f123~bf3
Trait+Oki MB db2 combo: d2~4, 112~df2
Trait+Corner carry MB db2 combo: d2~4, f123~bf3

Two bar BnB's, two bar EX vicinity blast combos are pointless. It's entire purpose is to get you into trait. I'll have 2 bar+trait conversions for it though.

MB df2 start: 3~db2(MB), b3, j3, f12~bf3
MB db1 start: b3, forward dash, 3~db2(MB), j3, f12~bf3
Two bar MB db1+trait conversion: d2~4, f12~df2(MB), f123~bf3
Two bar MB db`+trait oki conversion: d2~4, f12~df2(MB), f12~df2

I'll update the rest later. There's a lot.